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Kanto - Squirtle Squad

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A masterpiece totally capture the badass aura

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There has never been a cooler Squirtle. The colors look incredible, I absolutely love those sunglasses and that painterly style of yours.

scarthetrueking's avatar

Aww!!! He is so cute and cool looking!!! Nice job! Squirtle Yay

sonicling's avatar

this rules. squirtle squad!

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Looks like a mix betweek Squirtle and Roy Koopa!
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TheAtomicDog's avatar
Rocking the shades years before Gurren Lagann.
PsychoGemini's avatar

The coolest Squirtle in the land.

LuckiestBlackCat's avatar


I love the style you painted this in, it reminds me of the classic watercolor Pokemon artworks in the best way. ^^ All the oranges you used complement Squirtle's blue coloring so well. Great work! ^^

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Those shades always seem to remind me of someone.
NikitaOwO's avatar
Ah, the glasses! So cool pokemon gif squirtle 
CaptainPrower's avatar
And this is why I have a Blastoise in FireRed and X.

God, I wish I had a pair of those shades.
Can't help BUT favorite something to remind me of the Squirtle Squad
SulliMike23's avatar
My favorite Pokemon!
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Ash's cap put on backwards would be a great touch.
beny2000's avatar
Is Peridot from Steven universe!
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