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Judge Dredd - Movie Poster

By DaveRapoza
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I used to do a ton of movie poster work, at least the rendering/finishing bits anyway. Now I mostly do the planning stages of movie posters but I loved doing this kind of work as well!

These are only a few of I don’t even know how many, but I wanted to share them since I never really posted this kind of work!

Lots of painting was done even though it looks strictly like photo manipulations. Relighting and building up forms/painting in pieces! Lots of fun and a big challenge to take on, I loved it!

Anyway, I hope you like them!
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total badass, amazing work :shakefist:

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So is it a painting or a photo?
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The one on the right has an Army Of Darkness feel to it, awesome.
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Nice :-) are pritouts available?
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Phenomenal. The details are amazing.
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Very gritty scene. Looks bang on.
dutchmonkies's avatar
jesus!! that's fantastic
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this shit is crazy. you're an amazing artist dude
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Graet Artwork!
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Christ these are gorgeous...just the kind of thing the Dredd steelbook needed on it's back ;)

Cover I would make his silloete portrait with the spine photo a picture of his badge. on the back more key art in line with the cover. Inside would be a picture of Mega-City One or an overhead shot of Peach Trees staring down.

It boggles my mind how this movie doesn't get any credit. To me it ranks on par with The Raid.
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Man this movie was rad. Excellent work on the piece!
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Magnificent! One of the best I've seen in years!
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Excellent Rendition of Him!
King1cheetah's avatar
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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And I thought the art of painted movie posters was dead! thanks for sharing, nice to know there is hope yet. These are so lovely!
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Has 'gorgeous' sprinkled all over it
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