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Did this awhile ago but never posted the non-wip version anywhere. So here it is! The Guyver was one of my favorite designs growing up so I wanted to do a little homage :).
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The face to fear... if you are a Zoanoid or any lackey of them!
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Wow...So much detail. I thought this was a screencap from the movie O.o
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2,499... And 2'500 favs.
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i have guyver so maybe you will like it 
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Seen this before, but I just love it the same as the first time! This time round I've noticed the eyes, it reminds me of the eyes from spiderman.
Like what aphanum001 say, it looks real like from a movie. Great work!
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This looks amazing, like it came from the movie.
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This is Awesome!!
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This is freaking amazing
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I freakin' LOVE THIS!!!!!! :D
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Daaamn! This is a really awesome Guyver
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I like how the third eye thing has a layer of liquid on it. Though not in the cartoon series, it adds a unique way of saying how important and fragile it is.
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The detail in this is incredible.
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This is the best Guyver art I have seen! I wish you made more ;)
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awesome! love the Guyver. Good to see there are others who appreciate the character!
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First anime I ever watched.
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Holy shit at that detail
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you totally brought it 
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