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Goblin dudes

By DaveRapoza
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Older work of two goblin dude heads i did. Playin with brush techniques and whatnot :D

You can follow my work over on my blog as well:

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I'm reminded of Paul Kidby's artwork for the "Discworld"-series, particularly his cover art. I imagine these two would be hired goons for a goblinoid mafia in some large city in a fantasy-world, most likely functioning as leg-breakers when people run behind in payments.
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Nice burly gobos, with a mischiveous streak ofcourse eh ;)
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Shit dad wtf r u doin there!!!
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love the expressions and the use of depth.
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I like tha fact that they do not look as usual goblins do. It´s something lovely new.
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Ah, good ones. I like how they're not traditional goblins. Refreshing.
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Thanks, been followin your sketchbook over on CA. great work dude!
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Ah, thank you. You got an account too?
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Yea, my name's mr.delicious on there -->[link];page=98
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Woah! You've been busy. This'll be interesting.
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Been too busy lately haha, freelance has absorbed my life... Hopefully I can actually get some personal shit done D:. Lookin forward to some updates from you :D
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Ah cool. Must be frustrating at times though no?
Perhaps I'll go down that road (freelance) too in the future. First some more construction work and school though ^^.

I'm glad you do.
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guy on the right was one of my art teachers o.O
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The brush work gives them a different feel, I like it. It seems to give a lot of motion to the work!
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I remember seeing these in your SB, awhile ago. As sick now as they were then.
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Wow David. These are badass. I really need to go harass you in your SB. I havent been there in a while now.
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Oh wow! Now that is some cool stuff right there! I like the techniques you used in this and they came out great! The expressions are quite well done and goblins are always a fun subject to work on! Excellent piece! :D
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