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Did another Goblin monster dude tonight! Was a lot of fun the whooole way through :D!

3 hours photoshop

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It's actually somewhat cute
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Excellent, creepy picture!

A DnD Beyond community member made a derivation of this image and we wondered if you'd mind us using the image (crediting you, and with a link to your page) on a homebrew D&D 5E monster & compendium that we're putting together. Non-commercial, but it will be broadcast over Reddit and other social media.

Kindest regards, 1d6Adventurers
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He's actually kinda cute. :happybounce: ...In a creepy way.
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I feel really bad for this guy, I hope he finds a good doctor to get his cataracts removed!
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Reminds me of Golem, very well done.
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so awesome :] looks so scary...
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Incredible work David. The eyes are terrifying.
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I love this so much although I always like to portray Goblins as more stupid and silly creatures rather than vicious I still love this, a lot.
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LOVE GOBLINS! yours its a perfect piece of art work! love it
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I'd like to ask, if I may use this artwork as an illustration for my free card game licensed under creative commons? See my profile, if you'd like to see some examples.
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This is creepily cute :p i like it
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daw, isn't he cute..in a creepy way? XD
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I must say it's pretty awesome.
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¨very cool. I´m researching Goblins and Orcs for a sculpt I´m doing in 3D. I liked your interpretation.
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That is all.
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this is beautiful.
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Looks malicious and dangerous. Evil drips off it. Love it.
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Good job capturing the pale eyes of a creature that is subterranean in nature. I don't know if that was the thought-process but it's awesome all the same! <;p
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This is awesome! I love his expression. Gorgeous, gorgeous goblin. <3
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Wow mate. that's a really nice and creapy goblin ;D - love it! :p
your a great drawer/painter ;D
im seeing forward to more of your work.

Keep your smile bright! :D
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