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Foot Clan

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How am I only discovering this now?  I don't know how you did it, but you did!
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Where's the rat king? :D
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You're amazing. You made ninja that live to get the living crap kicked out of them look completely badass.
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I love how you have little dust particles in each of your pictures
it makes it look that much more real
nice work!
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This would go so well for mature movies or programs on tele...because of the graphical design!:D
Hahahaha, the foot stamp on his forehead is the best. I love the dark, creepy feel of this! Definitely Foot.
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pretty good man!
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Sweet. I think Leonardo just pooped himself.
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Woah, damn, You actually made 'em look creepy. O.O And I remember laughing at them as a kid... A job well done. :D
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The Foot were one of many Daredevil in-jokes Eastman and Laird made in their first issues. They're a reference to the villainous Hand ninjas Daredevil frequently fought. "Splinter" is likely a reference to his martial arts tutor Stick. And art depicting the fateful ooze spillage mimics a scene from the hero's origin story, even stating that the stuff blinded a bystander.

A lot of TMNT makes more sense to me now.

he looks so creepy
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Unbeleavable detail.
A great portrait.

Really dig the lighting. :)
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you are freakin´ maniac!!!
this is awesome!!!
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Way to make the most dispensable "unit" in the TNMT universe look so cool. These I'd actually fear.
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You are amazing! Firetrucking amazing! ;D
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See this foot logo? Yah guess what I'm about to do... Just guess...
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this foot soldier is scary looking as ****!!!!!!!!!!lol great job though, love the textures
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