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didn't get to spend enough time at all on my own work tonight... Just under an hour and I really wanna finish it now D:. In the middle of packing and working for a move ina couple days.... Can't wait to put some more actionnnnn into my pieces!
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Interesting choices with the design... love it!
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Damn, I wish there would be awesome aliens as this <3
I like his intimidating expression.
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This is great dude! Holy crap!
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very impressive
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Wicked! You are so good at what you do! :nod:
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Looks like a Twilek/elephant lol.
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Wacom Tablet in Photoshop :)
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This is balls awesome. As awesome as balls, I should say.
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Where are you moving to an what for :O
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I'm movin a couple towns away, more of a mountain town :). Will be livin on one D:. And just movin for more space :)
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hahahaha he's drooling! Maybe some tufts of facial hair could add more personality? I'm excited for a big piece. Good luck with the move. :)
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Yea, I was thinkin about that actually... Maybe I will, thanks!
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Holy Cow. That is amazing.
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Good job, I wanna see more details in the armor :D
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Thats sweet design!
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Yeah, I was painting tonight too and didn't come up with anything! I really suck at it! LOL! Remarkable alien creature with some sweet looking forms and texturing! *sigh* I guess I'll keep plugging away until something good falls out. :D Superb art!
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If you're having a lot of trouble pulling things from your head... then do some studies! :D thats the fastest way to cure it :). paint from photos be it color or grayscale, learn better values and then study some loomis! anything to better your understanding of form and whatnot.

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Yeah, I'm having all kinds of problems in pretty much every area. Now I know why I went straight to 3D years ago...I forgot I couldn't draw or paint! LOL!
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Wow, good job.
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