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He's always been my favorite. The smart one, who built all their zany gear. He also had a completely distinct shade of skin from the other turtles, usually seemed the most thoughtful and mature one, and had a weapon used in a totally different way from everyone else's.

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That's cool...
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Amazing! A great interpretation of my favorite turtle!
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Donatello is my favorite TMNT. You did an awesome job.
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very wonderful details ..great work..
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nah,i think awesome,think about they would look creepy,there mutants,plus my casey lolk like jason,in general they look awsome my 6yr old love donnie.
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This is just creepy-cool that they look exactly like the new movie characters!
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here micheal bay found your turtles
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It is incredible how the hell with this kind of design exitiendo from more than two years ago michale bay opted for ninja turtles faced shreck. Explain to someone which is the reason!
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Love how much detail there is between one texture from the next!
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Colors is so good and accurate!
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These are astounding. And I think this is the pick of the bunch. Gonna check out your tuts now, thanks for sharing :-*
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oh my god omg omg omg u almost gave me a heart attack u jerk
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you really gotta make this series as 11X17 prints. Amazing stuff :heart:
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Very very nice, like, if they do a movie one day, they should hire you, it would bring some fresh air to this show
though the latest cartoon is pretty decent, but that's badass and we're loving it ^^
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