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Cosmic Sorcerer

By DaveRapoza
New release from Dragon magazine #381. Not really feelin this one anymore but its ok, got a lot more comin out!!


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I really dig this piece.

TheAsorlinsStrike's avatar
I have been inspired by this.
mateusboga's avatar
Really dynamic composition, I like it :D
zach18's avatar
hey do you mind if i use this picture for a D&d game i'm designing for my players?
schizoknight12's avatar
Are those kenkus he's fighting? Love the blue eyes. They and this whole pic in general bristle with intensity.
Eiraina's avatar
YTou are one of my favorite Artists! I love playing Dungeons and dragons, and I know that SOOOOOO much of your art is featured there in books or on the official Wizards of the Coast website!
DymondStarr's avatar
Wow this is great!!! :D
I don't know if any one has pointed it out.but the chains and what have you by the book on his hip on my right is causing some tension and a slight tangent by the beak. I'm only saying something because it caught my eye so quickly. And the tip of the sword/ dagger lines up with the moon, magic thing that seems a little forced if it was purposeful,
Perhaps it was deliberate, not that tangents are always bad but I thought I would let ya know.

Still a pretty piece and the clarity is fantastic! :)
NightOwl98's avatar
Hey your drawings are really good. Would you mind if I used some for a trading card game I am making if I gave credit. I understand if it is a no, just asking. If you want more information send me a note.
Fangaroo's avatar
You supassed BROm as my favorite artist ..grats ..LOL
Valvado's avatar
I am speechless!!!! This is amazing! beautifully done, with lots of detail :D Congrats!

Fantasy ART gallery:

Superbum's avatar
Those crow creatures are a really neat design.
PiplupSTARSCommander's avatar
COOL ART MAN I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!:giggle:
Zhaanman's avatar
Brilliant color and design style for this Beauty!
WendyFae's avatar
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nice work here.
A-FoxesDen's avatar
wow just incredible love the blues
2buiArt's avatar
that's cool looking
ChouK-RC's avatar
addixtion21's avatar
stunning, very cool
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