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Casey Jones

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I love teenage mutant ninja turtles
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whoa o.o
truly bad ass 8D
excellent work c:
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OMG you make him look so badass as to be scary. Awesome!
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To think that there was a time when he was a real badass... now he's just a joke that many people (mostly fans of the 2012 series) hates.

I mean to go from

1984: He beat the hell out of the bad guys and he even mange to kick the Shredder.

1987: He was fun to watch with all his comeback sayings and he knew how to kick ass.

1990: A bit goofy at times but he was no pushover.

2003: The weakest, dumbest and useless version I've ever seen.

2007: A skinny sensitive, awkward fool.

2011 (comic book): He's not really that tough and has a cliché background.

2011: A fan film takes him back to his roots.

2012: He has become such an irritating little pervert, he's unlikable as a character, he pretty much wanted to sacrifice or ditch Irma, even before we knew that she really was. His whole painting his face and wearing a painted masker over it... is just dumb.

What a downfall for this character

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You are so right, dude... especially when they did him in 2012 as a teenage pathetic imbecile, it's hurt me much.
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thats my fave dude,i grew up watching tmnt,loved ever since,i d love dude if did some fanart of mine,Azura,Lorelia,Trex,blitz,davix.k.y,zek. i can t do this stuff yur amazing at it,if want do i got azura me,davix.,but no lorelia,rest of them,its ok tmnt feel,the story about the same. comic story on my pg,i think sweet see way you draw,if becomes,buy them someday.only thing Azura has no feathers headband anymore,he wears sleeveless hoodie,jean jacket,sleeveless,armor overlaps them left shoulder,his sword zweihander black,i upload them,sometime i ll let you know buddy,lorelia human body ,like felicia darkstalkers,leopard ears,bunny tail,it mean alot to me,
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I wonder if people sometimes mistook him for Jason. 
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Only one word to say to make this more epic. Casey's battle cry: GOONGALA!
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Bet they'll find the right Casey Jones in the sequel once the first movie is successful.
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this shit was crap years ago and still is
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This is a look of a man who could beat up all four turtles at the same time...wasn't Casey Jones like one of the few people who could almost beat everyone up in TMNT?

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Nope.. Casey cannot beat 4 turtles at the same time.. Casey never trained any martial arts (before meet turtles).. Also he was only able to fight against Raphael, and almost lost (there was no winner).. So he has no chance to challenge not even 4, 2 turtles are more than enough to beat Casey..

Casey is a side kick of turtles.. He clean up streets from punks. He also fights against Foot.. but never fight against Shredder.. Shredder is the only one who can take 4 turtles at the same time.. He can beat Casey with no sweat.. Shredder is a grand master, a Shidoshi..
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One of the best Casey Jones pictures that I've ever seen.

Casey Jones is of course somewhat liked, but not as much as some people would like to believe. All you have to do is look at some of the latest drawings here and at Youtube to see what most people are saying (bashing) about him. The reason behind all of this is from the 2003 and 2012 writers and developers, they didn't do his character any favors and he won't be able too recover from all this dumb kid and teenage hate he has now, not for a long time. Maybe in a decade or two he will be able too... but that's a big maybe.

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The shading and detail is amazing. Very nice work. 
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better look for CJ
It looks like a cross between Jason Voorhees and Leatherface so good
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F*ckin' pimp.  Nice work! :clap:
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Casey is hands down my favorite character from TMNT
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Love the sense of violence the harsh angles of the hockey mask implies 
or maybe they are 12 year old shippers, hating o a character that hasnt even appeared on the show just because of donnie and Aprill bull

so what if he or april are younger,you know about the comic, so have you read it, they change artists every other issue as well, so get over certain characters looks, also, get over the fact that casy now has more of a personality than just being a onedimensional guy with basically no backstory that only appeared on a couple episodes

well seems i cant reply to Imaginary101, so whatever
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