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January 6, 2015
Bulldog by DavidRapozaArt is an inspiring piece in of itself. The battles we face in life can leave us very well beaten and broken, but the courage and strength to rise again is well evident in this character's attitude. This truly brings to life the spectacular emotion of "keep on going".
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Suggested by lovelessdevotions
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From my project 'Black Witch'
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All a want to do is give him a hug.

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Best furry art I ever saw in my life XDD
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That is a really fantastic awesome work, man.
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Fantastic work!
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So much gravitas, well done
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this is great
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So there's where Spike went off to.
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this is absolutely gorgeous, I really love the washed out colors you used
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I don't know why, but there's a song that fits into this pic like a fist in the eye. It's called "A Promise" maybe you've heard of it Mr. Rapoza? haha

Damn this is cool
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so painterly.
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Congrats on the DD! :dalove:
Have a nice day! :love: by CookiemagiK
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looks like a realistic "Bow" from "Breath of Fire II", awsome!
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thats amazing
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This character is so bad-ass. I really wish at some point, that I could have made something like this. I'm also really jealous because even if I had thought of this, it wouldn't look anywhere near this intense or dramatic. I tip my hat to you, good sir. Keep up the amazing work.
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Rated A for Awesome art work ! :iconthumbupplz:
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Very cool.

I don't know about that DD description. I don't know who writes those but it seems to me that this doesn't need all that deeper meaning. Surely it's enough just to be a brutal old warrior dog.

I will say this though - you can tell that he serves his cause in battle with his life, but his face betrays the fact that he would be happier in a nice big soft armchair smoking a pipe with his slippers on.
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This is so much better than dogs playing pool!
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