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Berserk - God Hand

By DaveRapoza
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The amount of ominous feeling as well as the shading and shadows are powerful throughout this. Bravo sir!

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I'm speechless. What an awesome piece

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Wow, the textures... her hair!

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Hey Dave, does this place still work for you? I completely forgot about DA, now I have thoughts like maybe it's still better than Insta etc?

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Love god hand but I can't help but question. Is there a reverse god-hand??

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Amazing work, man; you're my hero.

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Masterpiece! *o*

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Why is Nemesis from RE3 dressed like Dracula?

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Spectacular and amazing

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I have no clue what I'm looking at but I'm enjoying it

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Damn DAVE! You never cease to amaze me! Awesome!

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This is really impressive art right here.

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The helmet of the on the left top looks a bit like the one of Winslow LEACH in "The Phantom of the Paradise" by Brian De Plama. ;)

Excuse me, I never watched the Berserk anime series...

Freaky spectacle!!

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What is Berserk?

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Freaking amazing!

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Man, awesome work!

Berserk is one of the best dark franchises ever made, a pity to be on hiatus... berserk gif behelit

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Holy shit that's impressive

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Wow, you're coloring and details are on point. The shadowing is insane. Never seen God Hand like this before!

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Griffith did nothing wrong.

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Your work is amazing!

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