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Baxter Stockman

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Well there goes my sleep for the rest of the week.
Galinas-Claim's avatar
Effin' CREEPY!  Great job!
Rogue98's avatar
Nightmare fuel
gunswordfist's avatar
Ah, the first TMNT IV boss. Excellent work!
bnka's avatar
Wasn't he a human ?
Militron623's avatar
In the Mirage comics, he became a mutant fly creature. 
dryan1982's avatar
Help me....
LightningReii's avatar
He look nothing like this from 2012 TMNT.
CryoftheBeast's avatar
November 12, 1988---------->…                     
mackmori's avatar
Dark, creepy and amazing drawing! The way Baxter should look like ! :)
Love it !
ArtOfTypH's avatar
this piece is amazing man! I love your style. You are quickly becoming a artist that I really look up to!
Omega-Primate's avatar
Wow... Kinda puts Jeff Goldblum to some serious shame.
xXGlamourousGloraXx's avatar
Aaaaaah Baxter Stockman...damn...
Fuller1754's avatar
Now that is scary! Nice job.
Brother-Malachai's avatar
I hope the original Mirage Baxter gets turned into a Flyman eventually. XD
jamesleeisbuff's avatar
another one of the best TMNT villains!
Hell yeah, man. This looks amazing. :)
NuvaPrime's avatar
i'll always like robo-Stockman better
joselrodriguesart's avatar
I remember him!!! Damn You're Good!!!
celaya4ever's avatar
"No container can hold me!"

When Baxter was about to die, I never expected his shocking transformation.

I stilll remember that episode! Thanks for sharing to us this Baxter Stockman tribute.
ecchigod's avatar
even though this wasn't a stockman that's true yo the comics hes one i grew up with.
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