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April O'Neil

April O'Neil from TMNT

Part of my TMNT series of portraits!


Tutorial Videos!

Crimson Daggers
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An excellent balance of 90's toon and realistic aesthetics blended to perfection.

This is first class art at it's finest.

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LOL like Leo said in the 90's movie the girl is a FOX.

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looks like the adult film actress who goes by the same name

very nice work. all your tmnt stuff is amazing, gonna have to actually check out your gallery now.

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So pretty!!! omg
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Wow, she actually looks a lot like me, except my lips are fuller and I guess I'm a little bit fatter too.
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Absolutely stunning. This is the April I know and love. Excellent work.
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Your April is stunning!
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I love how you did the name tag!!!!!!
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I enjoy your artwork!! Great Job!!
the eyes look like malena morgan dam this is good
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Super Awesome, Well done!
so great
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The actress from Dredd would of been perfect and this is a close portrayal of what might have been 
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Amazing! I want your skillz.
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Looks more like a photo than a drawing.
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