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By DaveRapoza
This is an Alien Portrait I painted for Schoolism recently! It was a base design for the actual character in the video!

Important - Image in the trailer is only a tiny part of the video, the actual 2 hours is the character linked below.

Actual character you'll be following (Click!)

Pick it up at the following link -

Click for the Video!!


Tutorial Videos!

Crimson Daggers - Meet everyday 9am EST, 2 GMT
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I made a 3D version here:

Thank you for the inspiration!

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Did you base him off yoda ;D
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reminds me of samuel jacson
Looks like a Smeagol/Yoda hybrid perhaps a younger Yoda and their species get shorter with age.
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this guy seems to dislike everything :P
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straight up wish you were my mentor lol i wish i had that talent
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Wow this is amazing!
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Hi there!, awesome work, i hope you don't mind, I made your character in 3D :)…
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I love the style and detail
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Yoda? :XD: The colors are dark and emotional. He seems proud, but not arrogant, possibly in a high position like royalty, military or politics.
Rarely do I see so much deep emotion in an alien drawing. Very impressive indeed!
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That is so awesome!!! :D
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very very cool, i cant pick out any flaws, this is just awesome :D
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Very cool! I love how this one shows emotion, it gives his character away a little.
No weakness. A class act.
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creepy as heck, but so awesome! :o amazing work, good job
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this is amazing! do you mind if I use this as inspiration art for a institute project? I am studying game design and we were asked to look for reference art for a fictional game we are supposed to create. It's not going to be published ever, as I don't even know how to draw properly :þ. I am just starting my career, so the only thing I know is how to play games ;]
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Opps...sorry I mean NICE !!!
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