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  • Listening to: the grass grow and the birds sing
  • Reading: peoples faces
  • Watching: everything except TV or the mass media
  • Playing: with my musical instruments
  • Eating: no junk food
Hi and welcome to my profile
I guess you could call me a creative kinda guy, I've dabbled in most forms of art and music but photography is my thing at the moment and I'm having a great time experimenting with various styles and techniques. I don't have a lot of fancy or expensive gear but I make do with what I have and like to push my own boundaries and the capabilities of my camera a basic entry level DSLR Canon 550D. EDIT...I also now have a Canon 70D, a Fuji X100s and a good compound microscope. 
Photography is a fantastic way to slow your world down and give you a reason to stop and smell the roses. A walk to the mailbox becomes an adventure of exploration when you take a camera along. I must admit my mailbox is ½ kilometre down my driveway but you get what I mean.
I live in a beautiful part of the world (Mid North Coast, Australia) and I'm lucky to be surrounded by the sea to my east, rainforest to my west, mountains to my north and rivers to my south. I'm also lucky enough to live on a property with lots of native Flora and Fauna.

I'll photograph anything from the stars to a tiny bug and everything in between. Something I'd really like to do is photograph more people as this is an area I haven't explored a great deal yet. So if you live near me and you'd like a photo shoot send me a note and we can talk.
My photography is purely a hobby and was only recently asked to do a paid photo shoot but if you like any of my work let me know and I'll make it available to download.

I also like a challenge so if there's any other photographer out there that would like to exchange photo challenges bring it on.
Well that's me. Please don't be afraid to comment on my images if you like or fave them, or even ask me how it was done or suggest possible improvements.