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Don't come round here as much as I should but this morning I found something odd... I usually go to the front page to see what's new. Set it to a week because the 8 hour filter is usually skewed with fluff. Almost everything I saw was either trad or digital drawings. A few pics yeah, but nothing like it use to be.

Are photographers going other places now or was this just a strange week? And yeah, I know I can set the filter to photography but I just thought it was strange.

Maybe someone in staff can help me out but I remember reading somewhere that FP placement is skewed by your past history. So if an artist averages 1000 faves a piece the system takes that into account when the next piece is uploaded. that's why you can see a picture with 5000 faves next to a piece with 100. At least that's my take on it and I hope I'm not wrong... the thing I see though is photography can't really compete with that kind of metric. So many of the drawing pieces I saw had tens of thousands of faves! If the photography community is dwindling maybe that calculation should be adjusted to engage photographers more? Let's face it, we're all proud of what we do here and would like visibility. I know I use to love seeing people embrace my stuff. My time here is done now. I don't spend the time or effort on the community. Where I use to see thousands of faves now I can barely crack 100. That's ok. Old guard out, new guard in... but there are only a few photographers here who can compete with the kind of popularity trad people have and if all photographers see are the same photographers coming up again and again they will get frustrated and leave.

I'd hate to think the photographic community is faltering here because I've seen some amazing images in my 7.5 years and got a lot of inspiration from them.

Peace and happy holidays to all of you!

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FlowerFreak Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
At the risk of offending anyone (sorry if I do) but when I go to the Front Page at any given time, I too find a bit of a lack of photos. Though I DO see stuff I'd see on MySpace (snapshots of random stuff)
Battledress Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011  Professional General Artist
I can't tell you the last time I even bothered to look at the front page...

And, for better or worse, I've seen a huge fracturing of the community since Groups came to be.
Honestly, I think people are settling into safe, comfortable cirlcles as a result.

All you have to do is take a look at the bashing the photography nude DD's get in order to understand why it's easy to retreat into the familiar circle Friends.
SuperNinjaWorrior Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011
as a photographer the only problem i have is that its so hard to upload files because of the size limit.
TanyaSimpson Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011
As soon as I try to think about metrics and formulae, my brain starts pouring out my ears. I don't spend much time on the front page so rarely seem to notice these trends, but people often seem to complain about the huge instance of anime and cat photos, so maybe the content of the front page is skewed to confuse or annoy whoever is looking at it at the time ;p
HeyItsSpiffy Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011
Truth be told, I never stay for more than a few seconds on the front page, but I have noticed that there are not many photos showing up. :hmm: I think that if there were options to customise the front page more than is currently available, a lot of people would jump onto it.
morettina Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011
happy holidays to you too! :santa:

I can still see a bit of good photography here, especially through some group that displays quality material...
DavisMarie Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I have a feeling those deviants who produce *-*~KAWAII!!!~*-* work simply have more watchers because of the sheer popularity of the theme, whereas photographers are a bit limited to one genre - and they have to be GOOD in that genre - in order to have popularity on the site.

I personally don't spend a lot of time/effort on this site either, college has recently bombarded my life so I'm not producing (if you can even call it producing) like I used to. I suppose the novelty has worn off.
devilicious Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Professional Photographer
:heart: you are missed :)
HeyItsSpiffy Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011
Dave is a lot more active these days over on Google+. :gallery:
TiffanyIrelandPhotos Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Professional Photographer
I think with all the sites this one doesn't get enough exposure so new people dont really know about it unless its through "word" I have two accounts here one for my photography and one for my art work. I feel the same way, I am not seeing much "photography" sadly :(
TheGhostVirus Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
In general the front pages are a bit messed up as late. Viewing "newest" you see things from minutes ago (and considering the sheer volume submitted, that's remarkable). Each refresh it stays the same, and my watchers upload while the "newest" feed stayed exactly the same.
Ptollemy Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011
I think the photography community goes through cycles, and we're just going through a lean one right now. As moderator of several photography groups there is no lack of submission. :D

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. :party:
CoreyByas Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Professional General Artist
to be honest I never pat much attention to it. I know at time I kinda wonder what the f@ck. When i look, its like chicken scratch on lined paper or some crappy shots of a cat or something.

In the other hand, the photogs that I watch still posting because they show up in my watch list....

I don't put much thought in to that kinda stuff, DD's, page view, whatever...
WarpedPurity Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
You know, I never thought about that. I hardly look at the front page anymore because it all seems to be stuff that I'm not interested in.
electricjonny Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
There's some bug (that the help desk has again failed to tell us about) that's causing the dA home page to fail to show recent results. Or maybe that's while searching. I don't really know the details on it.

But for photography people? I don't know. I hardly ever browse for it anymore. I mostly rely on people I watch to have good photography in my inbox.
BlackCarrionRose Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Professional Photographer
I think that a lot of photographers have migrated to photography specific sites such as Flickr & 500px. I'm the same as you, I used to be much more involved in the community here, but over the years I just haven't been able to be as active as I used to. I still browse around now and again, but I mostly come back here for the traditional art as it's still the only major community online (that I am aware of) to feature it this way. For photography, I browse those other sites more.

I hope that everything is well with you! :heart: Happy holidays :santa:
QAuZ Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011
Oh don't worry it happened with other section and it will be normal in just few days!
MyArms-YourHearse Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Was pretty much thinking the same thing when I decided to be more active here again. Checked the front page every few minutes (set on most recent and filtering just photography, because most of the digital / trad art stuff isn't really for me..) and it just remained basically the same pictures.. I can remember times when a "recent" pic remained on the first page for about 30 seconds because so many new pics were being uploaded...

Either these days are over, or the filtering is really screwed.. if the latter is the case, I can only second your appeal that somebody should do something about that.. ;)

Anyways, happy holidays to you as well! :) And keep up the good work!
lovelight27 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
There are still a LOT of photographers on here even though some of the more commonly known ones are leaving. They've just upgraded :D i know a lot of really good photographers that dont even really show up on the front page. :)
mariyaolshevska Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Professional General Artist
It does seem like a number of people are leaving. I certainly know of a few who've moved on to other sites. It's also hard to compete with the mass overload of "myspace" type junk that floods every category. :shakefish:
Davenit Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011
Hey Mariya... that would be a shame... Just filtered to photography only and I see why there isn't much in the general category.... Few nice shots but mostly zoo animals, cosplay and boobs. Nothing really inspirational and probably a little bit of a put down to anyone who tries to be different.

Hopefully things go in cycles and photography can make a comeback here.
mariyaolshevska Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Professional General Artist
Yeah, I hope things cycle back to being good again. I remember when I would browse and find tons of things that I liked. Now it's definitely tougher. But at the same time it's a fun challenge for my weekly journal features=D
I don't think I'd leave this place, so I think the best thing I can do is promote work that's good and myself, try to upload things that are good:nod:
sakurasoul Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Student Interface Designer
Hahahahahahha! BOOBS!

Still, Davenit is right. The same thing is happening to traditional methods in printmaking. People do not use those so frequently, so the demand weakens and they replace them with "Digital Printmaking" (whatever that means).

I don't think so much for the filters, because if they allow all those naked guys on DeV, then probably this isn't the site to watch good stuff anymore....pfft! nowhere is safe these days.

We are depending way too much on technology. Not that is is bad, because most advancements in photography are technological, but artists depend on raw material (natural textures over digitally enhanced ones), and modern companies somehow fail to see that with their approach to printers and other machines. That is why artists now look for websites where they can specialize in a certain area. It is somehow similar to what happens in Ghibli Studios.

Also, the new DeviantArt approach(which somehow ROCKS!), makes this the new "Artists FaceBook". When organizations do that, the competition grows fierce. And that is why companies like Shutterstock and Flick are so full of photographers.
Memberships + Photo Watermarks = Success!

In the end, Photography survives at the hands of photographers.
lovelight27 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
People are leaving i do have to say that but then again, you have to consider all the people who are joining too :) I guess its kinda like the cycle of life. :| sorry i'm bad at metaphors. ^^;
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