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Just spent a few minutes in the 'undiscovered' category on the front page and this is what I found... all in about 10 minutes!!! Better stuff than I've been able to find on dA in a long time. My thanks and appreciation goes to whoever on the dA staff that thought of this and management for making it happen!!!! Everyone... go look!!!!!!

<da:thumb id="396656374"/>
<da:thumb id="396631989"/> Stone Paint by barbieq25
The ability to block anyone off the front page so I'd never have to see them. I'm not interested in some people's 'art' here but do use the FP to find art. Really love the undiscovered thing they have going now. It's nice seeing some getting real recognition. I think it's brilliant. Yeah, there's still the fapping issue. Certain people put up the same BS day in and day out and get 1000 little boys to like it because the can whap the biscuit to it. IMO hurts the integrity of this site as an art site but the days of thinking of dA a purely art site are gone. 

Edit... looks like they have to work on the 'undiscovered' algo a little. I don't think anyone with 1,200,000 page views should be on that page. LOL!!!!

Years ago I taught at the Picture Perfect School of Photography ( Bryan Peterson is known for his New York Times best selling photography books. Well PPSOP is his online school. 

In June I'll be doing a 1 time course again. It's $195, and I know that sounds like a lot, but what you get for that money is my ear, eyes and thoughts for a full 4 weeks. You get a lesson every week but you also get a forum to ask me anything and everything about photography and how I do things. 

What you will also get is brutal honesty in the critique... and I'm known very well with the PPSOP instructors as being a really tough, really honest, person. If I like it I'll tell you why I do but if I don't, and most importantly, I'll go into great detail why I don't. 

So if you have any interest go over to and sign up for the month. It's gonna be a ton o fun!!!!

I've been on dA for a while. It was almost when I first started here that I noticed this guy...


He is purely original and creates from his heart...

comic pinup colored by b33lz3bub

Mature Content

supposedly content by b33lz3bub

Mature Content

murder speed by b33lz3bub

skrillex tribute by b33lz3bub michael by b33lz3bub RAF_smoke break by b33lz3bub

The guy is a freaking genius... get over to his page and fave everything. Take art back!!! Award originality or art will die!!!
You know, the company that survived because of American tax payer dollars? The company that came crawling to the American people when they fat catted their way to the poor house?

How does GM pay the American people back? By building a new manufacturing plant in Kentucky!!! Oh wait a minute it's not Kentucky it's California!!! Oh hold on it's not either of those places...

It's freaking China!!!

So how does GM thank America? By sending jobs overseas. Thanks GM. The American work force didn't need that 1.1 BILLION dollar building built here, our construction people are too busy. And I'm sure no one needed jobs on the assembly line because, as we all know we don't have unemployed.

Hey GM... here's a big, stiff middle finger for you! You're back and in good shape now, how about not just paying back the money we gave you but also invest in your own country.

Oh and a big thanks to Washington DC for not putting any stipulations on the billions we gave them. Way to go boys and girls. You give someone what, 45 billion dollars and don't set any guidelines. As we all know giving money with out any oversite is a great idea!!! Now I wonder where all that money that went to the banks is? I'd ask Washington but they don't have any idea... It just keeps getting worse and worse.
Like so many I was really excited when google+ came out. I was thinking, finally a forum for photographers (and others of course but photography is my focus) that will be open, bring discussion and open ideas. I thought it was a powerful learning tool and a great way to find like minded people and share.

Well, IMO, it's failed. The creation of the class system that, for some reason, Google thought would be a good idea has undermined the whole process. They've taken an even playing field and created a elitist class that overshadows the whole system. There are 40 or 50 people who run the show now and it's really a shame.

I know in large online communities the original intent can be lost but that's just going to happen. dA is a great place but I don't think anyone would argue that it's changed a lot in 10 years. The only difference I see is that the good stuff, no matter how obscure, is still noticed here. Maybe not as much as it should be but it IS still there. You can go to the FP and see art by people who have no watchers, no pageviews, etc, but there art is still there to be noticed. Yeah, I think it's cluttered with a bunch of silly stuff but that's just the demographic of this site.

On Google Plus, if you're not authorized or embraced by Google there isn't a chance in hell of ever being noticed.

What a shame. Another system with great potential down the drain.

Just my thoughts.
What a surprise... thanks to :icondemonmathiel: for the honor. I really appreciate it!!!

Ah, guess I should have included a link to the pic. LOL. My marketing skills are so great. :D

Matter of Time by Davenit
Guess I gotta start shooting pokeballs.. LOL...

I know I haven't been around much in the last couple years. I hope all the people I've known thru my time here are doing well and smiling. I remember how much dA meant to me when I was cutting my teeth on this whole art thing and how much the support meant to me and gave me the energy to create more. I think without dA I wouldn't be in the place I am now.

Yeah, it's changed since I started here or maybe I have. Who knows. I think it's more a social site with art (and some great art) now as apposed to an art site with some social intent and I guess that's just the way it has to be when you start talking the kind of member numbers, and age demo, that this site has generated.

Well I'll keep throwing new stuff up from time to time and hope that someone can see it and maybe be a little inspired from it or at least maybe like it. :D

Love and Peace to you all...

Ok from now on my journal is for nothing more than to share artists...

This lady has under 1000 pageviews... Reallly?

:iconsdfphotography: is a wonderful studio shooter who has some great ideas and some wonderful images. It's a crying shame she un-noticed here. She takes great stuff. She doesn't show pics of herself half or full naked and pouting but just let's her art speak for itself. But if she did take pics of herself she'd have a million pageviews because she's a total hottie (sorry about that Sedef, I couldn't resist :D )

Here's some of her stuff....

new year by sdfphotography   splashes by sdfphotography   grating the glass by sdfphotography

dolphins in the glass by sdfphotography   apricot splash by sdfphotography   snakes by sdfphotography

Now go fave everything she has and watch her. She rocks.

Let's take photography back on dA!!!!
It's the time of year for reflection. I know that so many want recognition in our time so much so that they'll do anything for it but I wonder how many are concerned about recognition when they're gone?

I want to be acknowledged in the here and now but I want to be remembered when I'm gone so much more. Right now I shoot for myself and have so much fun doing it that if someone likes it I'm glad but it has no bearing on what I do but I'd really like to know that when I'm gone I've made a difference. That maybe what I create means something to someone 100 years from now.

I guess I'll never really know if that happens or not but I'd like to think it will. I'd like to know that some person looks at my stuff 100 years from now and says 'wow'. I doubt it will happen and I'm sure I'll just be another artist in a sea of artists that vanishes but I think the hope of surviving the centuries is what keeps me going.

Be honest with your art... do what you want to do. That's all we can do to hopefully mean something in the years to come...

Happy Holidays to all of you on dA!!!

Don't come round here as much as I should but this morning I found something odd... I usually go to the front page to see what's new. Set it to a week because the 8 hour filter is usually skewed with fluff. Almost everything I saw was either trad or digital drawings. A few pics yeah, but nothing like it use to be.

Are photographers going other places now or was this just a strange week? And yeah, I know I can set the filter to photography but I just thought it was strange.

Maybe someone in staff can help me out but I remember reading somewhere that FP placement is skewed by your past history. So if an artist averages 1000 faves a piece the system takes that into account when the next piece is uploaded. that's why you can see a picture with 5000 faves next to a piece with 100. At least that's my take on it and I hope I'm not wrong... the thing I see though is photography can't really compete with that kind of metric. So many of the drawing pieces I saw had tens of thousands of faves! If the photography community is dwindling maybe that calculation should be adjusted to engage photographers more? Let's face it, we're all proud of what we do here and would like visibility. I know I use to love seeing people embrace my stuff. My time here is done now. I don't spend the time or effort on the community. Where I use to see thousands of faves now I can barely crack 100. That's ok. Old guard out, new guard in... but there are only a few photographers here who can compete with the kind of popularity trad people have and if all photographers see are the same photographers coming up again and again they will get frustrated and leave.

I'd hate to think the photographic community is faltering here because I've seen some amazing images in my 7.5 years and got a lot of inspiration from them.

Peace and happy holidays to all of you!

Figured I'd give it a shot... look me up if you're on it...


... is slowly disintegrating and it has me so sad. My government is hopeless. Wow, this is a bad time to be an American. I'm embarrassed by our leaders and the pains they are putting us, and the world, through. I hope those in Washington now, and 4 years ago, will someday understand their role in destroying a really great nation.

Sorry, it's a sad day for me.
Really people? (warning - nudity)

LOL... art is in the eye of the beholder I guess. The funny thing is that shot will bet more attention here then most of my recent images. hahahahaha. I need to get myself some tan lines and take a picture.


Updated: Image has been deleted.Good job to the staff! It was ripped. Christ, if you're gonna rip something at least rip something good won't you??? LOL
So now we get to live through 18 months of campaigning and posturing for the presidential elections. The process that our country needs (politicians focusing on getting our economy back on track) will now be diluted to election propaganda and bullshit.

The President of our country should serve one 6 year term. That way they can focus on being president for 6 years. Now, in the first term, they spend 1.5 years on the campaign trail and doing what they think they need to to get re-elected and not what the country needs. In the second term they spend the last 1.5 years creating some form of a legacy for themselves or pardoning all the people that were arrested for wrong doing that are their friends. So in 8 years we really only have a president for 5 years.

Our system is so broken. Between lobbyists, large corp contributions and big business running our government the average American doesn't stand a chance or isn't even a consideration. Monsanto, Dupont, Wall Street, Exxon, Banks, etc... those are the people who run our country. The SEC is filled with high ranking executives from wall street houses, the FDA is replete with people from Monsanto, The Fed Reserve is run by the very people they helped bail out in the banking industry.

How can we win with the deck so stacked? The only time the American people matter to the politicians and businessman is when the elections roll around and then guess what? It's all the same crap, we vote out one asshole and vote in another one who's equally on the take. And, if a good one happens to get voted in Washington crushes their ability to get anything done and they get voted out. If first term senators or reps don't play ball they're gone.

And "we the sheople" keep going alone with this process because gov has locked the game. They create groups like homeland security not to protect us from outside terrorism but to quell our rights and ability for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We need more than 2 parties and 2 candidates as it's ludicrous to think that we should only have 2 to chose from, we need the groups in Washington who are suppose to protect us to be flushed and filled with outside parties who have our best interests in mind, we need to stop warring with other countries and start caring about our own, we need leadership that will govern our country for what's best for the people and not how to fill some executives pocket with more cash.

Washington is corrupt. It's corruption is so ingrained they feel entitled to it. We don't matter and that really, really pisses me off.  

Sorry for the rant. I'm just tired of seeing a once great nation reduced to what we've become.

not sure if it's propagated out around the globe yet but it should be.

Hope you like. So much easier to update. Takes minutes.

Hope you're all well.

... everybody!!!

... is your pain. We all share it. It's a constant..

But what would we do without it?

I'll never forget you,
But your time to leave is way past due,
I have this overwhelming urge,
To suck in one good breath and scream,
There is no love left inside of me...

This isn't the first time,
That I've fallen apart infront of an audience,
(Though) the words have changed,
The message stays the same,
I tried reason
It was all in vain,
I wish it didn't have to be, but this song is for you

Now that's entertainment,
To watch me fall apart at the knees,
And grovel like a slave who,
is begging for a little sympathy,
And you danced around on my broken dreams,
Celebrated when I made mistakes,
This song was written about how much I hate you...

And through all the worst of time,
I sat and took it almost every time,
I tried to scream but it didn't work,
I tried to leave but it didn't work,
I wish it didn't have to be but this song is for you...

Now that's entertainment,
To watch me fall apart at the knees,
And grovel like a slave who,
is begging for a little sympathy,
And you danced around on my broken dreams,
Celebrated when I made mistakes,
This song was written about how much I hate you...

I tried to scream but it didn't work,
I tried to leave but it didn't work,
I tried, I tried to...

Now that's entertainment,
To watch me fall apart at the knees,
And grovel like a slave who,
is begging for a little sympathy,
And you danced around on my broken dreams,
Celebrated when I made mistakes,
I hate you,
I hate you,
I hate you,
I hate you,
This must be love

Memento - Black Maria

LOL... the most anti-Valentines song ever written.