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The Burning

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Part of a series I did. This is one of 16 shots using these little people to describe Phears, Phobias and Phealings that we have.

Even though in a loose way this could be a shot for Pyrophobia (yup, there is such a thing) but it is more based on a fear of burning out and not being able to control it or stop it.

Enjoy... I have been viewing a ton here today. This is a neat place. When I get a better idea of how to get around I have to start laying down some comments... Dave

Addition: To say my entry into the DA family has been incredibly wonderous would
be an understatement. I learned what DD was.

I am very overwhelmed at the moment but plan on looking at all your galleries in
the next few days. At work I have a T1 line and at home dial up so really getting
involved at home is a pain...

Thanks you all so much for such a warm welcome, again, it is magnificent...
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TigerachHobbyist General Artist
Wow! Is this photomanip or did you really burn the manniquin?

This makes me laugh a little bit, the pyrophobia bit--beause I am reminded of another pyrophobic mannikin. --> [link]
Razzle-dazzle1606's avatar
Oh goodness... one of my biggest fears is burning myself. I don't know why. I'm terrified or being burned alive as my way of death. This is absolutely astounding, full of emotion and meaning, along with its being a brilliant photograph.
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ValiantShadowProfessional General Artist
This is so beautiful!
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WoW your pics R so beautiful
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I've featured your deviation here: A handful of nuts and bolts... [FEATURE] :heart:
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JlvelpHobbyist Photographer
I love your work, this picture is strong. Pyrophobia is well-expressed here :D
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AlKhawarizmiHobbyist General Artist
when i saw this one my first thought was self harming,, holding the very things that burn you in your own hands
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Zomgmania-XO Traditional Artist
Nooooooo! You are burning a Bob!!!! For shame, for SHAME!!!! TT.TT
On the bright side, amazing pic! =D
IMPUREPALADINHobbyist Digital Artist
SWEEEEEET!! I like how the light shines on the front of the doll
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So i was having a bad day and this definitely made me smile:) I can imagine the "oh shit" reaction the model is giving just with his body language. wonderful
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smartmonkeeeProfessional Digital Artist
Mommy? if I touch myself too much will my hands burn?

I have no idea what I am typing... seriously its like my hands are on a Ouija board... hehehe
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ROFLMAO!!!! Thats so damn awesome. :heart:
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smartmonkeeeProfessional Digital Artist
ta, I know it was a bit on too much of the masterbation thing,just don't know what got into the bon!
a-n-a-s-t-a-s-i-a-13's avatar
This is stunning, very thought provoking too, keep up the good work :)
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Sutefu-KasaichiStudent General Artist
I really like your gallery, especially your little mannequin series Phears, Phobias, and Phealings : )
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IttiHobbyist General Artist
It's interesting that you thought about pyrophobia (although that wasn't your intention with the shot) because to me the head position looks more like he's staring at the flames in fascination than he's recoiling in shock/horror, as most of us would if our hands were on fire. Funny how much you can take from a figure with no face.
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PinkyriHobbyist Digital Artist
Did you really burn it?:(
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this is incredible!
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Wow, awesome concept, and very well done! :clap:
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Sin-Onee-Sama Traditional Artist
That is incredible!~
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DasnymthHobbyist General Artist
This creeps me out because of my pyrophobia. Looks good though :D
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