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Just messing around with some color and light. Saw a render of something similar to this the other day ([link]) and wanted to give it a try. I really just adore renders. I wish I could do that stuff.

Right out of cam. Cropped a bit, adjusted white balance and cleaned up some spots.

Happy Monday!!!
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this is amazing idea!
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Rainbow Dash injected this and had rainbow powers.
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Hm. Injections that have different colors in them... I wonder what each does. Or, even better, what all of them would do if injected at once...
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I hate needles, but love science...and rainbows...this struck me as something I'd like xD Good job.
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I'm glad you could see beyond your hate. That makes me happy. :D
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Shootin' rainbows in your veins (aka 'get' happy ;p)
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i'll bet thats the medicine for people who need color and joy in thier life...
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Every deviant is injected with one of these at birth, giving them super artistic powers!! :iconwowplz:
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i wonder what side affects the purple one couses
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mih fave colors in the most petrifying form ever
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I love the colors beautiful
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da drugs.....i hate needles, but these look cool :)
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where did you get the syringes?
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wow ,its nice idea
Wow.. Stunning.
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i love this!!!
but my sister ran away screaming in fear xD ((she hates getting shots))
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