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Every see a news broadcast that talkes about someone that got hurt, mugged, murdered, raped and there were tons of people around that did nothing while it went on? That is indifference. I read a while ago about a homeless guy in the streets of NYC that was beaten by some kids. He layed there, in the street, bleeding, while people just walked by... For hours.

He died.

I am sure that behavior is not limited to NYC and the same thing can be related to any city or town in the world. Indifference is killing our spirit. It is not just indifference towards each other. It is indifference towards our environment, towards animals and towards anything different than us and our personal belief set.

I wrote this idea down a long time ago and have never been able to shoot it. This is the best I can do. Touchy subject for me.

Why paintballs? Because it doesn't matter. Could have been apples, water balloons, whatever.
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Wait what the hell did you put on the marble

It better not be ketchup