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Tumblr is the latest social media site to crack down on nudes on their site. As of Dec 17th they will be removing the majority of nudes to comply with what all the other social media sites are doing. Is DA next? Are you an art nude photographer or model? How will the death of social media for that genre impact you? What do you recommend we do? Where do we go? Will everyone be forced to just put up their own web sites and pray for visits? I guess you can still post links to your various galleries on FB/Tumblr/IG and hope people will actually go there. But I'm betting those social media sites will just block links to web sites with nudity on th
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I love photography. I'll always shoot something but my real passion is shooting with models in great locations that tell a story. The is a very time consuming and expensive venture with little to no return on investment outside the personal joy of creating. I don't expect to make any money let alone get rich off of this. But in 2017 the market is so saturated with art nudes that nobody wants to buy anything....be it a print or a book. The time, expense and energy that goes into a shoot is extensive and the amount of time that anyone actually looks at an image is measured in tenths of a second before the viewer swipes next. Social media doesn'
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I finally put together a book of some of my shots. Click below to head to the order web site. Happy holidays! So, what's the story here?
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Truly incredible work. Hope to see you posting again on DA someday!

Just a warning to fellow photographers. This guy in my post here is following many of us and stealing pics to repost as his. I don't have time to cross check all your stuff against his so you may want to browse his gallery for your work before you block him to prevent theft. I've had to DMCA him myself and he was following me. Please let others know if you recognize any of their works.


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well it's your day and it falls on a weekend too so I hope you have a fabulous birthday and a nice meal out with special friend