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...who scare the crap out of you!

The geek I am, I'm over many TV shows, books, movies, many of them featuring bad guys who are just more than the standard bad guy of the week. This is my top 10 list of them.

10, Voldemort
The evil overlord of the Harry Potter series, before he became a stupid Bond villain in the last book. In Books 4 and 5, he was scary as hell!

9, Cromartie
Garrett Dillahunt's amazing Terminator badass from TSCC. A cunning, intelligent villain with his own agenda that sometime opposes Skynet. Plus, that cold Terminator professionalism.

8, Christine
Stephen King's titular demon car. For me, it is an icon of eternal evil. Remember, IT could be destroyed, Randall Flagg could be destroyed. Christine? No, she always keeps coming back. I doubt even a Ritual of Chud can stop her.

7, Zodiac
A real-life serial killer who was never captured. I respect him, admire him and fear him like hell! I think he is the real life Raskolnikov with superior intellect. That two combined is nightmarish real life.

6, Belphegor
The titular character from the French movie starring Sophie Marceau. Also called Baron Midnight. Also called Neb Nes Urmao. And nothing will stop him from reaching his goal.

5, Forest
Yes, a Forest, with a capital letter. Appearing in Lois Lowry's The Messenger, it is the embodiment of Humankind's corruptness and evils. I read the book during a nervous breakdown. It didn't help.

4, Indrid Cold
My favourite non-human nightmare fuel. This entity from the movie The Mothman Prophecies actually made me stay awake the night after I saw the movie. He is the embodiment of what we fear in the dark.

3, The Cheshire Cat
While not essentially a villain, he represents living fear to me. The eyes, that's a thing. But the grin, oh, that grin! That grin says "Don't worry, my friend, you won't know from which corner of the street I'll jump at you. But one I do, an unspeakable terror will happen to you."

2, Father Gomez
The evil assassin priest from Philip Pullman's The Amber Spyglass. He is the embodiment of the twisted-minded zealots ranging from crusaders to Charles Manson. I can't simply fear him, I hate him!

1, Jubal Early
Although he can be considered a bad guy of the week, he is my high octane nightmare fuel. This mercenary who appeared in the last episode of Firefly is plain evil. He wanted to rape Kaylee AND River! And how he was talking about it… pure nightmare inducer!
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Unicron has a special place in #1 for me.

There's just something pants wetingly scary about a literal Dark God made manifest and the size of a planet. Orson Wells lends to this fear, wonderfully, probably because it's his performance that best conveys the whole "I am eternal, I am inexorable. My task is beyond the merest comprehension or desire of you puny mortals to stop. Now meet oblivion."

When you can convey that feeling in a show were the main characters are melinia old robots who have waged a war for countless ages, you know that you have created a true "Dark God".
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I fondly remember Unicron form the 80's Marvel comics TF. Also, Prime's words (not quite the original, because I have them in Hungarian):

"Now I realize I was wrong, Primus. You never made us to protect you. You made us to continue your work. You must die now, Primus, for we must live!"
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Those guys are scary!!!!:omg:
Here's my list:
The Borg
Michael Meyers (From the original Halloween)
The Unseen Entities from Robert Wise's production of The Haunting
The Joker (Heath Ledger)
The Martians from War of the Worlds-1953
Real World:
bin Laden
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I LOL'd at Obama :D
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Check out this video.
Makes him even more scary! :omg:
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Anyone who single handedly brings about the apocalypse, because the apocalypse is never a good thing.

And the shadow lurking in darkest recesses of my brain, god help you if I snap :evillaugh:
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Gotta love those bad guys
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Good times with Jubal!
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The most vile creature in the 'Verse!
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The Joker, especially in The Dark Knight movie and The Killing Joke graphic novel.

Cersie Lannister from George R R Martin's Song Of Fire And Ice series.

The Master from Dr Who. THE ORIGINAL, not the silly wackadoo version in the new series. I'm talking the late Roger Delgado.

Baron Harkonnen from the original novel Dune.
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I wouldn't want to live anywhere near any of those guys. Yikes.

On my own list:

Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine [link]

Lord of the Rings: The Witch King of Angmar. [link]

Real Life: Jack the Ripper [link] , Pol Pot [link]

Drowtales: The Glutton [link] Technically just an animal from another dimension but...
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I actually like Palpatine :D

The Witch King... yeah, he's pretty scary! I think he's Tolkien's interpretation of Death/The Grim Reaper.

Jack the Ripper is the Victorian Zodiac. Pol Pot... put Stalin, Hitler and Enver Hoxha together and you'll get the picture.

The Glutton: scared the shit out of me!
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I also found Jubal to be pretty terrifying, also because of the way he discussed the terrible things he wanted to do.
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I think he's the most evil of Firefly. Niska is just one of those evil-but-asshole gangsters, The Operative was a mercenary who later realized he was wrong, the Reavers are almost sub-human... but Jubal... he's a psycho!
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Well the Reavers don't seem to even be to blame for their own actions. God damn, why did that show get canceled?
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The bugger that tells CJ that I won't be coming back this time. (probably a doc)
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