Star Trek bumper stickers

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Or "what you leave behind the aft"

USS Enterprise NCC-1701: "Honk if you're horny for the Captain!"

USS Enterprise refit: "Still the only ship in the sector."

USS Reliant: "KHANtastic!"

USS Enterprise-A: "All-Federation Geriatric Groove."

USS Excelsior: "Starfleet's finest bucket of bolts!"

USS Enterprise-B: "The Tuesday Machine."

USS Enterprise-C: "I slept with Tasha Yar and all I got was lousy Romulans".

USS Enterprise-D: "To baldly go..."

Deep Space Nine: "We boldly sit where no one has sat before."

USS Defiant: "I stopped counting after 300 Dominion warships."

USS Voayger: "Don't follow us, we're lost too."

Enterprise-E: "Inspiring Zefram Cochrane since Temporal Incursion #154867."

JJ Enterprise: "I eat Matt Jeffries for breakfast."
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whats up man long time no talk
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Just the general threadmill of life...
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Ha Ha! Thats all funny and true at the same time! :D
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No problem, they're all funny!
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You forgot the J
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By the way, I justed posted the J.
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I want the Voyager sticker and the original Enterprise one!
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Some have written a few, look at the comments :D
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How about the Defiant-A bumpersticker...
"My other vehicle is a peice of shit too." Referencing the destroyed Defiant.
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ROFL XDDDD Waaay too apt and priceless. :rofl:
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Here's mine for NX-01 "To hell with continuity, dull speed ahead!"
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