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Dear All!

I would like to say goodbye to this account. From now on, nothing new shall be posted  
here. It was a good account with a good history. It began with my ancient drawings of  
Harry Potter characters and it grew to be a Trek site followed by many. It made me meet  
amazing people, friends, allies, mentors, a new layer of family.

Due to recent events you probably know about, I shall start anew on a new account.  
Those who know me will know how to find me. Nobody can get rid of David Metlesits!

As of now, farewell to :icondavemetlesits: , but not to you, my friends. Just keep your  
scanners peeled.

This was David metlesits of Hungary... signing off.
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Dear All!

I have thought through some stuff. I really needed to. I had a good night's sleep and some self-baked cheesecake for the effect, and I came to a decision: from now on, I shall use my self-built models only. I had to learn the hard way... maybe my modelling skills will also improve via this hard way. I'll try to make the best ouf of what remained. You'll see, I promise.

Those, who follow my work, await my grand return. It'll be here, shortly.

Comrade's greetings,

His splendid exaltedness
The utmost venerable
Senior Captain of the First Fleet
Sheep makto of Pandora
Master of Beasts
Capo di tutti Capi of Sicily
High Priest of the Church of Summer Glau
By His Majesty's noble grace the Supreme Warlord of Dutch Indochina
The Big Kahuna of East Timor
The Jail-Keeper of Anne Frank
Prince Elector of Elizabethtown
His Holiness, the Budapest Lama
The Anointed One
Marquis of the Transdanubian
The Glorious Monkey Man
The Noble Savage of Borneo
Etc., etc...

Yupp, that's me :D
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This is David Metlesits speaking to the 3D Community around the World Wide Web. I wish to make this following statement: I was, and I am, guilty. I'm sorry I have caused so much trouble to people I respect, people I know to possess skills I will perhaps never be able to match. What I did was partly conscious and partly sub-conscious. Those who know me know my motivation that stands behind my concepts of three-dimensional models. I won't lie to you: they are indeed influenced by Lenin's writings. For this, I am maybe your bear in the woods, to live with a Nixonian phrase. I did what I thought was right, perhaps out of ignorance concerning the concept of public domain. I am unskilled in legal matters, so I only attempted to follow my own modal code. This was responsible for a clash between me and, well, let's be honest, the cream of the 3D world.

If anyone reads this, please convey my apologies to the people involved. I consider this case closed. Please know that you won't see me converting models anymore, not even for private use, unless I am specifically asked by the original author. Working with those beautiful models was fun, but it's time to go on. If the authors of said models want me to delete the pics made with said models from my gallery here on DeviantArt, please notify me in one way or another and I shall obey. Also, I think I shall refrain from using any mesh made by anyone by me, at least up until I manage to contact its author and he/she gives me permission for using them.

For those who follow my work: I won't be gone. I have to sort out what to do, it'll take about a day. Let's just say I need to sleep to get my brain functioning again. See you shortly,

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Greetings, fellow Star Trek fans!

I finally updated my 3D model upload account, :iconmetlesitsfleetyards: . Four new TOS meshes were added and, I hope so, more are coming. Don't waste your time, grab them for some trek around the stars!
Summer Glau. The most perfect creature ever to grace this little world with her presence. So heart-breakingly beautiful:…
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Hi folks! I was thinking about this for a few days. I managed to build a little theory on how to manage theoretical countries on a social level. Here it is:

Level 1: The elite
They are the ones who have diploma from an university or any other high level educational institution. They have full voting rights and are the ones entitled to elect the government.

Level 2: The middle-class
They are the ones who have succeeded in the Matura or any other high school leaving exam. They have limited right to vote and are entitled to elect the local government (Mayor, etc.)

Level 3: The plebs
They are the ones who have only primary education or less. They have no right to vote, given that their lack of knowledge of the world allows them to be easily manipulated.

The Government is made up of capable technocrats, experts from all various fields. The Parliament is unicameral but has a separate branch to interact with the local governments.

There is party plurality but the party that wins the elections takes all places in the Parliament so that the opposition cannot hinder the Government's workings with obstructionism.

Emphasis is to be placed upon industry as well as agriculture, the strengthening of the inner market by protectionism and exports are to be aimed to less-developed countries who provide a foreign market for the products that might not live up to the standards of more developed countries.

Industry should be initiated as according to the needs of the country, its resources and overall capabilities and potentials. Don't force what cannot be achieved. If a country is capable of light industry only, build plants for light industry and not iron works.

The research and development of non-fossil fuels is necessary, but for a short term, nuclear energy is to be preferred. Four or five power plants should be enough for a smaller country.

Never be afraid to admit that there are things you need foreign advice. Foreign experts are to be asked for help and advice. Scientific exchange programs could also strengthen good relations with other countries.

And finally: the people should be brought to the understanding that for at least twenty years, the country they're living in won't be the land of milk and honey. Short-term effects will be critical and might require steps that people won't like. But on the long term, everything will stabilize and a developmental leap shall occur.

That's it, folks! What do you think? Don't be shy to comment!
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I created a new account to publish my ships. Have fun with them!

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You folks know that I can't draw to save my life. That's wky I kindly ask any artist who can draw me a concept image of a Gormogon alien from my Polaris stories to draw it for me. In return, I can do any render you want.

PM me for a verbal description of the Gormogon if you're interested.
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...who scare the crap out of you!

The geek I am, I'm over many TV shows, books, movies, many of them featuring bad guys who are just more than the standard bad guy of the week. This is my top 10 list of them.

10, Voldemort
The evil overlord of the Harry Potter series, before he became a stupid Bond villain in the last book. In Books 4 and 5, he was scary as hell!

9, Cromartie
Garrett Dillahunt's amazing Terminator badass from TSCC. A cunning, intelligent villain with his own agenda that sometime opposes Skynet. Plus, that cold Terminator professionalism.

8, Christine
Stephen King's titular demon car. For me, it is an icon of eternal evil. Remember, IT could be destroyed, Randall Flagg could be destroyed. Christine? No, she always keeps coming back. I doubt even a Ritual of Chud can stop her.

7, Zodiac
A real-life serial killer who was never captured. I respect him, admire him and fear him like hell! I think he is the real life Raskolnikov with superior intellect. That two combined is nightmarish real life.

6, Belphegor
The titular character from the French movie starring Sophie Marceau. Also called Baron Midnight. Also called Neb Nes Urmao. And nothing will stop him from reaching his goal.

5, Forest
Yes, a Forest, with a capital letter. Appearing in Lois Lowry's The Messenger, it is the embodiment of Humankind's corruptness and evils. I read the book during a nervous breakdown. It didn't help.

4, Indrid Cold
My favourite non-human nightmare fuel. This entity from the movie The Mothman Prophecies actually made me stay awake the night after I saw the movie. He is the embodiment of what we fear in the dark.

3, The Cheshire Cat
While not essentially a villain, he represents living fear to me. The eyes, that's a thing. But the grin, oh, that grin! That grin says "Don't worry, my friend, you won't know from which corner of the street I'll jump at you. But one I do, an unspeakable terror will happen to you."

2, Father Gomez
The evil assassin priest from Philip Pullman's The Amber Spyglass. He is the embodiment of the twisted-minded zealots ranging from crusaders to Charles Manson. I can't simply fear him, I hate him!

1, Jubal Early
Although he can be considered a bad guy of the week, he is my high octane nightmare fuel. This mercenary who appeared in the last episode of Firefly is plain evil. He wanted to rape Kaylee AND River! And how he was talking about it… pure nightmare inducer!
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I made an intro animation for the Polaris and uploaded it to Youtube.

Here it is:…

I hope you'll like it!
Or "what you leave behind the aft"

USS Enterprise NCC-1701: "Honk if you're horny for the Captain!"

USS Enterprise refit: "Still the only ship in the sector."

USS Reliant: "KHANtastic!"

USS Enterprise-A: "All-Federation Geriatric Groove."

USS Excelsior: "Starfleet's finest bucket of bolts!"

USS Enterprise-B: "The Tuesday Machine."

USS Enterprise-C: "I slept with Tasha Yar and all I got was lousy Romulans".

USS Enterprise-D: "To baldly go..."

Deep Space Nine: "We boldly sit where no one has sat before."

USS Defiant: "I stopped counting after 300 Dominion warships."

USS Voayger: "Don't follow us, we're lost too."

Enterprise-E: "Inspiring Zefram Cochrane since Temporal Incursion #154867."

JJ Enterprise: "I eat Matt Jeffries for breakfast."
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No, not the novel of Bernhard Schlink, nor the movie adaptation. Although I read it and man, it sucked!

Anyway, this is not the current topic. I bought an e-book reader. It's the Hanlin V3, re-branded as Koobe in Hungary. It was a bit costy, 87000 Forints (about 480 USD), but it's sure fun. As for I have hundreds of e-books and my eyes were on the werge of boiling due to them being read on the PC monitor, it's a great relief for me.

I know that there are many models available in the West, so it's more easy for most of you guys. I really suggest buying an e-book reader, for it's really practical.
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Hi folks!

I must say my apologies for my previos journal. I was in a shitty mood and this came out of me. I am terribly sorry. Please forgive me.
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64 years ago, the second atomic bomb ever used in human history was detonated over the Japanese city of Nagasaki. The act is still considered as unjust due to the unprecedented destruction inflicted by the bombs.

Now and here, I am to say a single word on why I not simply justify the atomic bombings, but also wish that Trumanian "rain of fire" upon them. That word is Nanking.

For those who might not know what Nanking is about: it is a Chinese city which was the theatre for one of the most brutal crimes against humanity.

World War II was the definition of horror. Too many innocent suffered. There was the Holocaust. There was the Roma holocaust. There was German brutality against Soviets and Soviet brutality against Germans. And there was Nanking.

When the Japs entered the city, they made Hitler and Stalin look like innocent children. The Japs not only decimated the populatio, but did that with such cruelty which was always an aspect of these yellow monsters.

At first, it were the bystanders, beaten to death or stabbed by bayonets. It were only simple citizens who happened to be out doing their daily work.

Than came the night. Thourands, soem say thens of thousands of woemen were taken away, raped and killed. I will not go into details, but this is for your own sake. It's not a majestic feeling to write about raped and mutilated children.

It all lasted for six weeks. Imagine six weeks of torture, murder, rape and all cruelty. It was a long time ago. What has changed? Nothing!

Now I will say something that will probably cause great upheaval: I wish all fucking bug-eyed yellow bastards would be A-bombed and their islands reduced to burning cinder. Still now, they are honorless paedophiles who hide their true selves behind a childish facade.

64 years ago, the second atomic bomb ever used in human history was detonated over the Japanese city of Nagasaki. The day changed the world as we know it. But while we remember that day, do not forget why that day had to take place in history. Never forget Nanking!
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Hi there, folks!

As I was watching a cooking show yesterday on TV, I saw an Australian chef baking chocolate chip cookies. It looked so easy, and I said to myself: "If a 'Strayan can do it, I can do it".

So, I Googled a good recipe, took a trip to the local Spar, bought all the ingrediants (and baking paper. I was half-dead scared that the thing catches fire in the oven, but it did not).

In less than a hour, I made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies and they were edible. Even my grandma liked it (she is a triple-blackbelt cook if you know what I mean), so I made another batch.

Considering that it was the first time I baked anything, no catastrope happened and no animals were harmed during the making of the cookies, I feel proud of myself.

I'm giving you the recipe, you chould try it out:


* 1 1/4 cups of flour
* 1/2 cups of brown sugar
* 1/4 cups of normal sugar
* 1/2 csésze margarine
* 1/2 small spoonful of sodium bicarbonate
* 1/4 small spoonful of salt
* 1 fresh egg
* 1 small spoonful of vanilla arome
* 15 dkg chocolate

1, Mix the flour, the salt and the sodium bicarbonate
2, Mix the two sugars and the margarine
3, Mix the egg, the margarine and the vanilla aroma
4, Mix the margarine stuff with the flour stuff
5, Add small chunks of chocolate
6, Cover the bking pan with a sheet of baking paper and make small lumps of the goo you have just mixed up on it. Be sure to keep distance between the lumps for they gonna expand.
6, Put them in the 180 'C pre-heated oven and bake it for 12-15 minutes.
7, Feast on your chocolate chip cookies.
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Hi there, folks! I think most of you know that yours truly comes from Hungary. But you guys, many of you from the overseas, probably don't know much about my country. Instead of giving a lecture on our life, allow me to introduce modern-day Hungary to you in the form of jokes.

János Kádár showed how Hungary should be ruled. Gyula Horn showed how a country can be ruled. Viktor Orbán showed that even a moron can rule Hungary. Ferenc Gyurcsány showed that not every moron can rule Hungary.

-What is one Hungarian?
-A political party.
-What are two Hungarians?
-A party and its opposition.
-What are three Hungarians?
-A Gipsy, a Jew and a Schwabian.

Three inmates are sitting in a prison cell. They start to ask eachother why they were convicted.
-I supported György Budaházy.- say the first inmate. (Budaházy is the founder of a far-right-wing organization).
-I was against György Budaházy.- say the second inmate.
-I am György Budaházy.- says the third one.

The Rumanians decide to build the largest building in the world. They ask for funds from all countries. All but Hungary take their share. The Rumanians than asks the Hungarian attaché:
-Dear Hungarian friend, every country have helped us in our great enterprise. Why isn't Hungary giving anything?
The Hungarian attaché shrugs his shoulders.
-Don't forget the building site.

-For what words does one gets three years in prison in Hungary?
-All Gipsies are to be killed.
-And for what words does one get four years?
-As well.

Two Hungarians are talking in a pub.
-Hey, I found the way out of the financial crisis.
-Yeah. It's toward Hegyeshalom (the Western border).

Two old Hungarians are walking in a dimly lit street. The one says to the other:
-Man, if we had bread to eat, I'd think it's wartime now.

The Hungarian policemen are frequently seen as uneducated, boorish. One day, the Sarge has enough of it and teaches his men how to walk on water so that the cops can earn some respect. The squad marches to the Danube, jump in the water and start to walk on the water to the opposite bank. Midways, they hear some folks shouting to them from the Chain Bridge:
-Hey, assholes, you can't even swim?

-What is even more uncertain than the Hungarian future?
-The Russian past.

Playboy is planning to interview Viktor Orbán. When hearing this, Orbán asks his long-time friend and party member Tamás Deutsch.
-Yo, Tamás, don't you think I would look stupid naked on the front page?

Party mottoes of Hungary:
- SZDSZ (Liberals): Who isn't with us is against us.
- FIDESZ (Young Democrats): Who isn't against us is with us.
- MSZP (Socialists): Why are those who are with us against us?

-When will life be good in Hungary?
-When the widow of Viktor Orbán goes to ask Gordon Bajnai in the prison on who shot János Kóka at the funeral of Ibolya Dávid.

-Viktor Orbán, Gordon Bajnai, János Kóka and Iboya Dávid are sitting on an airplane. The airplane crashes down. Who survives the accident?

The optimist Hungarian learns English. The pessimist Hungarian learns Chinese. The realist Hungarian leanrs how to shoot with a gun.

-How can the tensions in Hungary be solved?
-By either a natural or a supernatural solution.
-A natural way would be that God steps in and offers help. The supernatural would be if the Hungarians could sit down and talk in peace.

-What is the difference between János Kádár (the long-time Socialist ruelr of Hungary) and József Antall (the first democratically elected PM)?
-Kádár couldn't make Hungarians like Socialism in four decades. Antall made them like it in two years.

A Hungarian goes to apan and sees how diligently the Japanese work. He asks them how do they do it. A Japanese tells to him:
-We work thee hours for the sake of our Emperor, another three hours for the sake of our religion, and two hours for our own sake.
The Hungarian shrugs his shoulders:
-We have no Emperor, religion is a private matter, so I'll stick with the two hours.

After the bloody 2006 riots, a reporter asks a Hungarian SWAT cop:
-But sir, how could you fire at a child?
-It was easy.- the cop says- I hold the gun a little lower.

A Hungarian goes to the bookstore and asks the salesman to recommend him a good book to read. The salesman says:
-I think you'd like our new book on working Gipsies.
-No, thank you.- the Hungarian says- I'm not a fan of speculative fiction.

Okay, guys, that's for now. I hope you can understand my homeland a bit better now.

I know some of the jokes are a bit politically incorrect, I meant no offence to anyone.
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We all know that our good Jean-Luc is a patient man. Well, let's see what he does after these tricks up our sleeves:

- Everybody start acting like Riker is the Captain

- Lock him in the Enterprise's daycare as the only adult.

- Make a looping tape with "I am Locutus of Borg" and play it on the ship's intercom.

- Ask him whether he is a closet Mr. Proper impersonator.

- When he is in hearing range, say to your friend: "Earl Grey is so GAY!"

- Get Wesley to call him "Daddy"

- Replace Livingston with Spot in the aquarium

- Get Tomalak write a "Be my Valentine" card to him

- Ask him why he isn't wearing a toupé if it was good enough for anohter captain?

- Tell him that he is only a holographic character in one of Barclay's holodeck adventures

Now, now, Jean-Luc, don't lose your head! :D
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I was given a three-month subscription by :iconronbrothers:

Thank you very much, man! I owe you one!
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"If you have two franchises you like, why not mix them?"
(ancient Klingon proverb)

So, what I'd like to see mixed together are:

- Knight Rider TOS and Columbo
The best series of all times and the best crime series of all times. They both have their own specific charm which comes from likable characters who won't stop until a case is solved. One of them always has just another question :D

- Knight Rider 2008 and Bones
Let's leave place for the new blood. I'd really like to see the Ki3t bunch coming together with the Jeffersonians. I somewhat think that Boothe would see Mike as a younger counterpart and Temperance and Ki3t would be hillarious with their out-of-this-world characters.

- Knight Rider 2008 and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Actually, how I imagien this crossover would be unwachable for those who ecpect what the original series held. What I would want from this crossover is to expand what it means to be an artifical lifeform. I actually had a dream of this in which Ki3t and Cameron are discussing on how it feels to walk barefoot on the sand. Ki3t wants to experience it and knows he never can, Cameron does but does not understand why is this so important. At the end, she downloads the sensory data to Ki3t's computer so Kitt can experience it too.

- Star Trek TNG and Star Trek DS9
Just what were the TNG guys doing during the Dominion war. Okay, we know what happened to Worf, but I'd really like to see Picard showing the Jem'Hadar who's the boss.

- LOST and Fringe
Two Abramsian masterpiece series with enough mindf*ck to leave you think and rethink things through the night without a minute of sleep. Why do I have a feeling that Walter was a member of the Dharma Initiative? :D

- Jericho and Firefly
I somewhat think that Jericho would be a good story to tell how the Earth became uninhabitable and the remnants of humanity had to flee. In both series, the USA (or its successor) and China are the two major powers, so why not?

- Star Trek TOS and Raumschiff Orion
Just for the fun's sake. Imagine:
Kirk: Mr. Sulu, fire all phasers!
McLane: Achtung, Hasso! Overkill!
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I have read the novel and I found many interesting aspects while reading it. I wrote a short essay on it. If you are interested, you can read it here:…
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