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Heroes of the Pole Star
Major Timothy Torrance looked at the young Lieutenant at the intelligence station. He didn't remember the name of the young man, he was the newcomer in his crew. Aboard the USNASF spaceship Edison, the crew was not simply a crew but a family. The young Lieutenant was not a member of the family, anything but. He had to earn the right to become one of them, a veteran spaceship crew of the United States of North American Air and Space Force. As things were, maybe he'll earn it with his baptism by fire.
- It's a Soviet ship, Sir. – the Lieutenant said. His name was Michaelson, Torrance quickly checked the nameplate on his spacesuit – Outbound for Jupiter.
- As if the Russkies have any excuse for going that far. – Captain Randy DiAngelo hissed in annoyance.
- They have Warp drive now, we just can't restrict them. – Torrance shrugged his shoulders.
- We nuked Moscow. We nuked Baikonur. We nuked bloody Star City dammit, and still…!
- Enough of that, Randy! – Torr
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My cold home by davemetlesits My cold home :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 86 25
Our namesake by davemetlesits Our namesake :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 99 53
History of the Tzenkethi War
The history of the Tzenkethi War
Some historians consider the Tzenkethi War the Federation's military showoff for the emerging superpower of the Cardassian Union. Others say this small war which ended with a total Federation victory and the humiliation of the proud Tzenkethi race that knew no defeat for uncounted centuries was the continuation of an ages-old conflict within the Federation itself. Thus, it was a proxy war, fought between those who stood for the ideas of the Federation's regime and those who opposed it.
The conflict, they say, began in 2273 AD, when the third starship to bear the name "USS Polaris" (NCC-2782) was dispatched to investigate the war the Tzenkethi fought for the conquest of the Kzinti Patriarchy. Unknown to most of the Federation military, the UE First Fleet starship was tasked with a secret agenda by Leningrad Command: the crew was to help one side to win the war, and whom to support was their choice. The rest is history – the crew chose the unknown Tz
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It is very cold in space by davemetlesits It is very cold in space :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 120 83 Vasily Nussbaum in 3D by davemetlesits Vasily Nussbaum in 3D :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 3 2 Rochus Heimann in 3D by davemetlesits Rochus Heimann in 3D :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 2 2 A sign of goodwill by davemetlesits A sign of goodwill :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 151 50 Dennis Bailey's v2 in Max by davemetlesits Dennis Bailey's v2 in Max :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 174 66 Charlotte Ainsworth in 3D by davemetlesits Charlotte Ainsworth in 3D :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 6 16 Big Chief White Eagle in 3D by davemetlesits Big Chief White Eagle in 3D :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 2 2 Captain David Metlesits in 3D by davemetlesits Captain David Metlesits in 3D :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 4 15 Battle of The Glaive by davemetlesits Battle of The Glaive :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 103 37 Ambassadors by davemetlesits Ambassadors :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 13 4 Enforcers by davemetlesits Enforcers :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 56 42 The Glaive animation preview by davemetlesits The Glaive animation preview :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 23 38 Hunted by davemetlesits Hunted :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 94 48 A mirror like any other by davemetlesits A mirror like any other :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 69 38 Just Stargazing by davemetlesits Just Stargazing :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 181 71 ScifiEric's Enterprise by davemetlesits ScifiEric's Enterprise :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 59 19 Pallada by davemetlesits Pallada :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 49 31 Transit by davemetlesits Transit :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 99 35 TOS Constellation by davemetlesits TOS Constellation :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 96 47 Prepare for cyberwar by davemetlesits Prepare for cyberwar :icondavemetlesits:davemetlesits 76 41


Barricade379 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018
Can you do maybe the Premonition from Star Trek Armada? 
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Hello dave! please answer back, are you working on the next chapter of the Silver Sealed Letter, I really enjoy them! <3
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He no longer uses this account, you can find him here now: :iconthefirstfleet:
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Hello, Dave.
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Could you point me to a good place for space backgrounds?
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Thank you very much!
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Not really. I usually stick with TOS stuff, I like it better than any other Trek.
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