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Tyrant's fall

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I always wanted to do a scene with these two models. Now I have them and here is the scene...

Meshes by Alain Rivard
Background by Chris Diston
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ENTERPRISE blowing off a warp generator from RELIANT. I was jumping up and down in the theatre when this scene happened!
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I remember that day so well! Me and couple of friends of mine skipped school to see ST2! When that scene with Reliant and Enterprise battling in the Mutara Nebula took place we were sitting on the edges of our seats! When Kirk says fire--and that torpedo struck Reliant's weapons/sensor pod--that whole theater cheered!!!! That was 1982--Loews on 86th street between Lexington ave and 3rd NYC! lol

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WOW! I thought it was just me :D
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35 years old and still great!!

Excellent angle of the engine shot!
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well there goes one warp nacelle!
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I'm sure Starfleet Command hadn't reprimanded the Enterprise crew for crippling a hijacked Miranda-class spaceframe (the USS Reliant).
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SFC... they are weird sometimes...
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wow lock topredo target port warp nacelle
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a never ending story...
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Time to show that maniac who's boss!
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What program do you use to make these pictures? Awesome work!
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Thank you very much!

I'm using 3DS Max 9.
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Ya know it would be awesome to see the two of them battling a few Klingons.

Befor the whole Kahn Genesis debacle.
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Another awesome WOK pic.
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Thank you very much!
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this past weekend me and my son watch star trek 2

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Have fun you two!
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