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TOS Constellation

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Due to popular demand, I hereby present the USS Ursa Major of the Constellation class, in her original pre-refit, TOS-y glory.

It was fun to build the large middle section. I know that the front end should have encompassed a large shuttlebay, but I wanted the TOS symplicity of those three glowing cyllindrical inset thingies :D

Model by me
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Nicely modeled. Neat concept.
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The Constellation class was something I always thought we should have seen more of, not least because Picard commanded one for longer than the Enterprises D and E combined. In my mind I substitute it for the many Mirandas we see in TNG and DS9.
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I have to agree.
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That's a real cool rendition.. I didnt think a constellation class would look as cool in TOS :D
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and i thought there never was a TOS-version of that class because it was commissioned first in 2278. so the design we all know from TNG was her original appearence...
btw: nice shot
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:salute: Again and as ever your brilliance shows so well :D
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Oh, thank you very much :D
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Very nice work. I had never given consideration to the Constellation-class actually looking like this prior to its refit stage. Nice to see for sure!
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Thank you very much!

Remember, I build the ships nobody else takes the time to build :D
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That seems to be the case!
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Looks great Dave :D

Any chance of seeing a TOS era Nebula class?
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Thank you!

I built a pre-Nebula once, called the Voroshilov class. I might re-build her one day...
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You're welcome, and I hope so :D
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awesomeness, nuff said :D
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Not bad. Not bad at all!
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