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Starbound brawl

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A tyrant must die. Heroes must rise. And the universe will never be the same again.

Enterprise by Dennis Bailey
Reliant by Roland Baron
Background by Chris Diston
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DA search results are just weird. I searched "heroes never die" and got this

btw this is a really cool painting
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I remember the crackling energy spewing from Reliant's pylon when her warp generator was blown off! BOOOOM!!!
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Torpedoes ready sir.

(*enterprise gets into position*)

Look sharp...

(*sees Reliant*)


Awesome sir! :D
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In the distance, a faint rumble of an exploding Sunbomb was heard on Kzinhome :D
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My fave ST movie.
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My favourite is TUC :D
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TUC is my favorite of the original cast movies as well, with TWoK taking just an edged second. :)
BTW, another great epic shot!  Excellent interpretation of Enterprise's sneak attack on the Reliant!  Kudos to all artists involved!
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That was a good one as well. =)
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And an innocent Nacelle must die. Always loved how Khan got pwned by the 3rd dimension and the Enterprise popping up behind the Reliant.
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The Enterprise ascending was a great visual to remember.
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Thank you very much!
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Holy carp, this one of your better Mutara pics Dave. The subtle lighting and ambiance is ace. :#1:
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Thank you very much!
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"He's intelligent, but not experienced. His patterns suggest... 2-dimensional thinking."
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I am trying to think what I can promote you to other than a trek god! Ah, how about Arcass how dose that title sound.
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My un-official title is the following:

His splendid exaltedness, the utmost venerable David Metlesits. Senior Captain of the Fist Fleet. Sheep-Makto of Pandora, Master of Beasts. High priest of the Church of Summer Glau. Capo di tutti Capi of Sicily. By His Majesty's noble grace the Supreme Warlord of Dutch Indochina. The Big Kahuna of East Timor. The Jail-Keeper of Anne Frank. Prince-Elector of Elizabethtown. The single-handed conqueror of the Märkisher Kreis. Etc, etc.
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A great recreation!
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