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Spacedock One

Just trying out the new Spacedock mesh...

Spacedock by Raul Mamoru
Enterprise by Dennis Bailey
Background by NASA
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some of the spacedocks/starbases are as much as 25 miles long and 10 miles across. in the TOS version of ST, 100 years from Kirk and Enterprise A, these are being built as a basic keel/skeleton and "completed" once on station at the very limit of Federation space. Only 3 are in place at this time.  - Canon
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Amazing! Just noticed how big the spacedocks are.
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this is cool. the ship and sun are a nice touch.
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Thank you very much!
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Okay Enterprise! It is about time you guys showed up. You were suppose to report by two standard days. Kirk is in big trouble this time.

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He was busy chasing some green skirt :D
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screwed that up. It was suppose to be "You were suppose to report back two standard days ago."
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Love the Enterprise coming out of the sun!
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You really get a sense here just how ginormous starbases are.

Man, what it would be like to see one of these in battle. It would be like a porcupine of phaser beams.
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Come to thin of it... what armaments does a Spacedock have?
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I was just thinking about how well armed Deep Space Nine was, and that was ultimately just a Starfleet equipped Cardassian hand-me-down. I figure a top-of-the-line Starbase, like the one pictured here, would have greater firepower, by a whole order of fragnitude!

But then I could be wrong. As I recall, whenever Earth was attacked in Star Trek, (The Borg, the Breen, the "Homefront" conspiracy.), little to nothing is heard from the big ass Starbase orbiting ol' Sol 3.

Maybe they aren't armed. :shrug:

It would make no sense, but there's no canonical evidence either way. ^^;
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From the thumbnail I thought I the station was firing at someone :D

Sweet pic!
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Approach control, this is Enterprise. Ready for docking manuevers.
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Warm bed, cold beer, Enterprise. Welcome home.
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Love how the Enterprise looks coming out of the sun, it makes this scene all the more spetacular. The space dock mesh is very nice by the way, I'll keep my eye out for it in your future works.
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Thank you very much!
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Great job there , i love this station !
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Thank you very much!
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