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Resistance is futile

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I based this pic on a Ships of the Line illustration...

Enterprise-D by Scotch 'n' Soda
Excelsior by :iconabriell:
Borg cube by Thor
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What Federation star ship got destroyed by the Borg Cube?????
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Enterprise sorta looks like its going "RUN AND LIVE OH MY FUCK!!! D=", give or take. And the cube? Sorta looks like the early version when they had JUST discovered the Borg. Before it received its green LED lighting set up. Lulz. xD
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The borg ship kinda looks like a cube of yarn in this
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Borg ships are very unimaginative.
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No, they simply follow a geometric design aesthetic.
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Why don't they use a conical design? It would be more aerodynamic.

Hang on, they're in space! There isn't any air! Still think a cone would be better.
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I have a physichist friend, we settled on a teardrop shape as the optimal space shape.
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Of course. I did physics in a levels, I should have known that.
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[rant mode engage] Anyone bashing this Borg Cube, I'd like to see them put the money where their comment is and model a better one (and one thats even more efficient in Polys than this one).

Its just that its so easy to nitpick or bash an image or models used within an image, should it not be 100% model as exactly shown in a movie or tv series. [/rant]

We know its a Borg cube, and I give this image A+ for effort and composition. lighting is good, coming from the explosion. Theres good lighting on the Galaxy Class ship (incase its not the Enterprise 1701D specifically), as well as motion blurring for speed of movement & depth of field focused on the Cube.

Good work Dave :)
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Thank you for defending the Borg :D The Queen would be proud now (and Janeway would be soooo angry :D)

The ship is the Ent-D. This pic was based upon this pic: [link] It is a Ships of the Line illustration, or, at least, something similar :D

Doing the motion blurs was fun, as much as making the Excelsior a fireball :D
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Ok, good concept but I have to bash the cube. Take a good look at some production shots of the Borg cube and you will see how much more detailed it really is. I generally love your work and rarely ever pick it apart, but this one...well that cube is kinda cheesy, sorry. perhaps finding a better texture map, or even a more detailed mesh would do the trick. :)
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Sorry, this was the only TNG cube I had.
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Hmm, hogyan csináltad a beam, és legfőké;pp a robbanás effektet? Azok szé;pek lettek, viszont a kocka modellje elég 'gagyi'. Tudom, régi fajta kocka akar lenni, de akkor is, egyszerűen elnagyolt a modell.
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Az effekteket ParticleIllusion-nel csináltam

A kocka meg jó, több, mint 1 MIO poly :D
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csinálok én neked egy adag random salátát, ami 2 mio poly, ha attól rögtön jó lesz :-P
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De ha egyszer tényleg ilyen volt a kocka a TNG-ben? :D Most tettem volna be egy Rubik-kockát? :D (amúgy itt figyel a Rubik a billenytűzetem előtt és hasztalanul tekegregem napok óta :D )
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Hát, igen. Solution is futile ^^ Ez inspirálta hát a Borg rendert. De egyébként ha nagyon részletekbe akarsz menni, nézd meg a TNG kockát, hogy sokkal finomabbak sűrűbbek, és variáltabbak a részletei. Egyébként itt van a falamon egy régi poszteren, úgyhogy nem csak vakon dumálok ^^ Ez itt nem más, mint egy adag box primitive keretként, és 3 tonna spline.
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