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Leaving Mars

The Enterprise-B flies away...

Enterprise-B by Starship and Medjai
Excelsior by :iconabriell:
Phobos by Kevin Riley
Starbase kitbashed from Hobbes's Regula
Planets by Fabio Passaro
Phobos (moon) by JHT
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The starship on the left looks quite lopsided, I think I'd take it back to the shipyards and demmand a second nacelle.
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It has a second nacelle...
tangerinewarning's avatar it does, I mistook it for an (admittedly now that I look at it, oddly shaped star/asteroid or something).

Don't give me the navigation job, I'll just sit here and hit the big red button to fire the nukes.
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Great work Dave, great setting and perfect 1701-B/Excelsior class :D

I've heard of the Phobos (class or ship name?) before, is there a reference site with info about it?
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Thank you!

The Phobos is a Loknar class refit starship. Her origins are in the FASA gaming manuals...
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I've heard of FASA before, they inspired the Starfleet Command computer games didn't they?
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I don't really know. I just got some 2 GB's of these old manuals, from the 70's till today, all scanned...
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Cool. I'm sure I read or heard somewhere before that the FASA books were at least partially used for the games.
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Oh, be still my heart...I always love a good Excelsior (or Ent-B) image. :) This may have to go on my desktop.
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Yeah "Generations" was much underrated as a movie to comment on "darksporechild". ;)

Nice picture as usual and brilliant "Earth"! :D
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Thank you.

I like all Trek movies. Even Nemesis. Each is unique and has a certain charm...
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Yep, they have!
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awesome as always
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Nice job. Now if we could have convinced JJ to go this way… =p
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