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The ISS Lexington hunts the Rebel starship Polaris.

I modified the Lexington to have a Phase II style neck and torpedo launcher, plus visible phaser emitters. She needs to be badass!

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Ouch!!!!!! Time for repairs!!!!!!!
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Hijacked imperial ship... One would think they would mount underside phaser emitters to combat such a thing.
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Ahhh, the mirror universe.  Wonderful place, that.   So many good episodes.
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(something like this but with the same ships from a different timeline)

oh sh*t! its the I.S.S. Gallade-B! get us out of here number one!

first mate: i cant we lost our warp drive!

me: then we'll go down fighting. ALL HANDS BATTLESTATIONS!

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Run Rebels run!
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These rebel scum must die! For the Empire! ATTACK!!!

Seriously, though, nice work, Dave. The neck-mounted torpedo launcher makes more sense than the original location in the saucer module.
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You're welcome. BTW, the Phase II torpedo launcher appears to be a very cramped compartment for two torpedo tubes (one port & starboard)...
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The main accelerator tube has a Y-shaped junction at the end :D
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Gimme the layout of the Phase II torpedo launcher, please, so that I may see for myself.
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The Polaris needs to DO A BARREL ROLL! :D

Joking aside, the Mirror-Universe Polaris is a great idea; I can't wait to see where this goes!
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I cannot let you do that, Star Fox :D
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Nice work, sort of reminds me of those old 80's fighting movies where some guy does an uppercut in slow-mo
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I am not a big fan of the yellow mark but it's two nice ship :)
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:D I wanted hte yellow marking to show more badassdom :D

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Awesome job Dave, I hope the Polaris manages to get some payback :D
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Don't worry, the ship is crewed by some real MoFos :D
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I can see the Mirror Metlesits throwing a f*cking fit.
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Nahh, I think he remains calm and deadly.
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