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One is bound to enforce freedom upon a totalitarian system. One is bound to enforce justice upon an unjust world. And one is bound to enforce the power of her Empire...

Not too dark, I hope...

All models by me
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The ISS Lexington's Captain is nuts. His ship is no match for the USS Polaris. 
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only 2 words make me think of another ship that had an interphase glow exactly like this. Trek Paradox.

The USS Defiant in the remastered episode The Tholian Web ofc had that excact same glow but. It seems  wait O.O.

Spoiler Alert That TOS Ship that was seen in ST Enterprise Mirror Darkly was actualy the the defiant herself in real form.

In other words the interphase effect was actualy some kind of portal. A parallel gateway between the TOS Universe and the Terran Mirror universe.
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While the "In A Mirror Darkly" was good there was one little problem....the USS Defiant had already been recovered from interphase by the crew of the 24th Century Sabre-class USS da Vinci, and is now back in Earth orbit being restored by the Starfleet Corp of Engineers, led by Scotty (S.C.E. Interphase Books 1 & 2, which are considered canon, as are the other S.C.E. books).
The now skeletal remains of the Defiant crew have been buried by their renaming families,  and ship is destined to be a traveling museum (it entered Spacedock under its own impulse power).  The Tholian device recovered from the ships hold, which had caused the interphase, is currently being examined (the device had been found by the Defiant crew).
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Infinite possibilities. The Defiant the prime universe starfleet recovered was likely was from an almost entirely identical universe, with such a small difference, it's impossible to tell it apart from the the 'prime' Defiant, either that, or the one the Mirror Tholians recovered was.

Then again, it's just a headanon, but you have to admit it'd explain there being duplicate Connie Defiant's perfectly, not to mention really kinda fit, what with the multiverse having infinite possibilities it was bound to happen at some point.

But again, that's just my headcanon.
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ST:ENT certainly liked to mess things up with established continuity didn't it!

I've done some checking on this (and discovered in the process that the Star Trek: Encyclopedia was originally written for the use of the series' writers).

The Defiant recovered by the SCE is the 'Prime' Defiant, as the two part SCE story Interphase is an official sequel to the TOS episode.  
Though it is not mentioned in the Mirror, Mirror TOS episode, the ISS Enterprise 1701 is a "Constitution-class heavy cruiser".  If the Defiant was recovered in the 22nd Century Mirror Universe, the ISS Enterprise 1701 would be a Defiant-class vessel, as the Defiant would technically become the class prototype.

Whilst the In Mirror Darkly two parter is good it, like the rest of the series, contradicts many established events in the 'future' Trek universe (Klingons a century before they were first encountered in 2211 for example).

I'm leaning towards the idea that ST:ENT is set in a parallel timeline )hich means that there is a parallel Mirror Universe to go with it), and is not the Prime Universe.

That's just my theory.
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that may be ur cannon view.

But That aint how it was in a mirror darkley.

It was the Mirror NX Enterprise and Archer that found the Defiant in a Tholian Asteroid base and liberated it from the Tholians b4 destroying the NX Avenger with it.
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Please let's not get into an argument.  I'm currently bed ridden with a nasty virus which is setting off my epilepsy.  I was just commenting on what I've read and experienced.  

Perhaps the rift doubled the Defiant, one going into the Mirror Universe, the other being recovered by the crew if the da Vinci?
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thats probbly what I meant The defiantt seen in interphase in the tholian web was the one that most likely appeard in the mirror universe as Kirk once said he had an entire universe to himself.
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Awesome pic Dave, the Mirror Lexington doesn't stand a chance :D
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Thank you!

POh yes, they're so dead... :D
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I assume the green glow here is inspired by "The Tholian Web?"
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Sweet "interphase" effect! Did you add a layer of green to the pic? I should try it sometime!
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I duplicated the layer, blurred it with 7,5 pixels Gaussian Blur, coloured it green via Photo Filder and set the Blending to Screen.

In animations, it's a whole different thing. You'll see :D
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Egyáltalán nem sötét, nagyon jók a fények, mint mindig :) Nem könnyű átállni CRT monitorról laposra, de ha egyszer megszokod, akkor élmény lesz velük dolgozni. Én a régi videóim nézem úgy, hogy te jó ég ez mi a franc.... ja, CRT monitor :D
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Nekem mondod, aki fekete-fehér Junoszty tévén néztem a Kacsameséket, mikor Antall apánk felfordult? :D
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Olyan nekünk is volt :D Régi szép idők... a mai kissrácok szerintem már hozzá se nyúlnának olyan dolgokhoz, amivel mi még játszhattunk. Ilyenkor kezdem öregnek érezni magam :D
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Szegény mai gyerekek. Mi még tartottuk a szalagatennát...
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Great image but it's a bit hard to tell that it's the ISS lexington in the background as I can't see the registry from the distance or the yellow markings. Perhaps if it the Lexington was at a slightly different angle where you can see more of the top saucer would make it clearer.

Still a fantastic image which looks like the USS Polaris is protecting the Rebel Terran Polaris. :)
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Polarii need to stick together :D
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Beautifully rendered!
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Thank you very much!
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*shrug* lol
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