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Distant relatives

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Two to bear the name "Enterprise"...
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my two favorite ship classes put together. Thank you.
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this reminds me of a star trek tng chapter book i am reading called indistinguishable from magic were they encounter a nx class ship
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Is it any good? I've been wanting to but haven't gotten around to it.
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the NX designation puts it as a prototype ship
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In that era, NX denoted the class. Haven't you seen Enterprise?
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One thing I wonder though. Is Enterprise NX-01 and Enterprise NCC-1701-any letter technically related at all? I mean, if they were, then the Constitution-class Enterprise should have been numbered NX-01-A or NCC-01-A, dontcha think?

Oh, but thats Enterprise for ya, ruining canon for all time. Rick Berman and Brandon Braga must have been George Lucas fans (we all know what he did with the prequel Star Wars series *shudders in utter revulsion*)
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The 1701 can not bear the NX marking as it is either Earth Starfleet or Federation Starfleet Prototype.
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Well, I'm assuming the first constitution class was designated NX-1700 when it was still in testing. One may recall Excelsior's original designation NX-2000.

What I meant was, if the Constitution class Enterprise was a descendant of the NX class Enterprise, the registry should have been NCC-01-A... but then, yeah, nobody knew there would have been the "Enterprise" show 35 years later.

Maybe the original NX registries were of a completely different lineage. Like, maybe the NCC registries did not begin until the Federation was first founded, and began with NCC-100 or the like.
Plus, the fact that 1701 carried over past the Constitution class came from the decision to redesignate the second Constitution class (I'm forgetting its original name or registry) to Enterprise 1701-A. If that hadn't happened, than Enterprise-B could have still been named Enterprise, though still had a NCC-2000ish registration.

lol, I guess I answered my own question, huh?
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Like Archer said, "Here's to the next generation."
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very nice... =)
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