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Dennis Bailey's v2 in Max

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After all these years, I finally succeeded! It was a request but also a challenge for me. I went even further beyond than a mere conversion. The thing comes with three different lighting rigs, as according to the three label sets: 1701, 1701-A and Exeter-A.

Model by Dennis Bailey
Conversion by me
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KEY1701Hobbyist Filmographer

Perfection! She's a hottie!

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Wow!  It's spectacular!  Wouldn't change a thing. 
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zomickschallahrecipeHobbyist Photographer
Woah! This picture brings back memories
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Zucca-XerfantesHobbyist Writer
*THIS* is Enterprise...
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love the lighting work and shadows.
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Thank you very much!
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You're Welcome!
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the most beautiful thing ive ever seen sniff
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Look up Summer Glau and re-think this statement :D
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genchang2112Hobbyist General Artist
+1  :D
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This is beautiful! The Enterprise-A design has always been my favourite starship design!
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Thank you very much, but the honor goes to Dennis Bailey for building her :D
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Ah but still you've done what effects like ILM never bothered - giving it a proper light source. In the movies it is almost always overlit from all angles, even though the model itself was designed to self-illuminate through its own spotlights. I like how this pic shows the one source of natural (external) light, and in the parts of the ship in shadow, it is only lit by it's own source. It is a very tiny thing, but helps to add so much more realism I think :) So thanks again! :)
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NitzkaPhotographyHobbyist Photographer
Shes a beauty
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Indeed she is :D
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Excellent posing there, with the slight revision on the colour scheme around the engineering section it really shows the lines of well.
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Thank you very much!
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Breathtakingly beautiful.
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Thank you very much!
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No Lexington? Bummer...:(
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