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DELIA dash for ModoJeda

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Another art gift for ModoJeda, this time a female car of his.

Hope U like this too, Modo!
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GOOD GRIEF!! That's better than I could have imagined her dashboard to look! *favs*

Thank you very much, my friend.
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Always glad to help a fellow addict!

Interesting that you write cars with different dashboards. In my fanfic universe, all cars have the same interoir layout, the only customisable parts are the voice modulator and the function pod layout. New versions of synthetisoid types mostly feature new dash layouts with the G1 being the newest.

However, the exterior of the car is highly customisable (if you don't violate Knight Rider Force basic rules like altering the primary aerodynamics of your vehicle)...
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Well, I chose to make DELIA's dash different to KITT's is because I wanted her personality to reflect through her dashboard.

KITT's in essence is almost neutral in regards as to whether the personality could be male or female. But with DELIA; I wanted people to be able to tell that she was female the moment that they look at her dash. That's why I had her with more pink, cherry, purple as opposed to red like you would normally with KITT's read outs. And the buttons being rounded I felt had a feminine touch to them. Guys like having things with edges, because it's all nice and neat and manageable, that's why she needed to be different in that department as well. Same thing with her voice modulator; just to be completely different, have the bars horizontal in blue. I would have gone with pink, but in some poor lights; it may have looked red, and that would be a reference to KITT. Either way; I was happy with the design I had given her and more than equally happy with the treatment that you gave the design. Once again; thank you.
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You're welcome!

Yes, feminine cars... My fanfic universe features only a few of them, although there are many. One is called Noor and is a Reformulation Mark II type. She's relatively a child, that means, a fully loaded data base with no experience of how to co-exist with humans and other synthetisoids. She's a child of a new generation and I think she'll get more "paper time" as the war against Voldemort's daughter Lillith starts to affect the Muggle world. Although Noor and her pilot were not among the 150 who were called back from the Vulcan border by Chief Pilot Caleb Ladd (it was actually Wes Hadden, the first "modern" Knight Rider who called them back, asking Ladd to do it for his sake), she might get involved in a large-scale war as this will be.

Anyway, I'll focus more on a gynecoid character, Elizabeth, a cyborg. She'll be like a "Spock" character at the first time, without any emotions and will end up understanding humans. You can see an image of her in my gallery...