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Clear for docking, Comrades

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The Soviet space shuttle Buran arrives at Space Station Mir.

For years, I have searched for a model of the magnificent Buran, my undying love. Now here she is, in all her Cold War era glory!

Buran downloaded from Buran.ru
Mir by Shrox
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Beautiful. Its a shame the Buran never saw Space. The years since the Cold War have not been kind to the space programs of America or the former Soviet Union.
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well it did see space ...ONCE x3
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Such a cool ship!

In a What If... world there is a whole fleet of these beauties!
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Dammit, Gorby, for screwing up the USSR!
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Buran is actually even better than the Space Shuttle. It's a pity that this program was closed in 1993, while only 2 (from 5 planned) orbiters were built. And only one of them flew into space. Only once.

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I hope that the Russians re-start the project someday...
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I hope too. Space Shutlles will be retired this year T^T
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Energia/Buran was always the better system, and it's a shame that it was cancelled. And yes, I am a Buran fan. And an Energia fan.
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Me too. With these beauties, the USSR won the space race, period.
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Very nice! I am Buran-fan also, so to speak :D
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Niiiiiiiice :D
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FYI, more on the Buran program here and here. I was saddened to hear the Buran had been destroyed, but apparently the program was rather larger than western media originally explained so there are still surviving artifacts from the program.
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Thank you for the sites.

There are rumours that the program will be restarted with the American shuttles being decommissionned in 2015 and the Russians having constant troubles with the Clipper.
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I wonder, what is the difference between American and russian shuttles?
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See here for details:

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