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Published: February 19, 2009
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A boldly new design in Warp field geometry.

And if anyone says it's ugly, I'll rip his nuts off! :D

Mesh by Howard Day
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Unusual design. What purpose or functiion does the large structure sticking out from the keel serve/perform?

BTW, "ugly" was not my first thought although "ungainly" was. Oh and FYI, when I was involved in the "Starfleet" club/organization I was the first person to gain membership in the "Corps Of Starfleet Engineers" by challenging the qualifying/entrance exam as opposed to taking the online course and taking the exam as the course final. I am not unlearned/unknowledgeable as regards treknology.

If you find the description "ungainly" to be as offensive as "ugly", I invite you to attempt to carry out your threat.
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To be honest, this looks like it could be be beginnings of the starbases/space docks becoming mobile.
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i think it's a fine design and a very cool render.
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Wow! Chariot class!
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ZodiHobbyist Digital Artist
David , where can i download this 3d model???
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Ooohhhhh...wouldn't want that, but she's a bit of an oddball. What's she called?
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Painkiller4lifeHobbyist Artist
love it.
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JESzaszStudent Traditional Artist
 Sure she isn't sleek as a Sovereign class, but that doesn't necessarily means she isn't majestic like a Galaxy class (though not as much). 

It definitely helps the design's case that the modeling work is outstanding! :D
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It works well as a Star Trek ship; one of the things I always liked about Star Trek, (prior to DS9's Defiant and the Enterprise-E) is that the ships weren't "streamlined" in a way that made sense from an aircraft or water-craft point of view; they were "sleek," but in a slightly alien or unconventional manner, which added plausibility to the idea of a faster-than-light spacecraft; a ship designed for warp drives *should* look alien and exotic, not like a boat, or a rocket or an airplane.

This design has that look in abundance; very cool. 
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Sweet design! Love the change from the conventional while still maintaining a Starfleet feel.

I wonder what a good dual-saucer vessel would look like.... hmmm.
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I always liked this design
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No not ugly! However, it does have a touch of Star Wars about. In any case i like the design of the pylon and the escape pods in it. Good work.
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Hope no one ever has to land it on a planet, unless they aim for seawater it's gonna be one heck of a balancing act! :D
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AthaneHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this, the only problem is i think the secondary hull isnt wide enough. Seems like the lowest decks wouldnt have room for much of anything, the design is nice though.
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AthaneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Then i realize its just an angled hull
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klatuk4uHobbyist Writer
I LOVE THIS!   What a cool original design!
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As Spock would say .......fascinating 
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Beautiful, gives me a , if the Federation met the Minbari kinda vibe.
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More like Brakiri to me. LOL
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This is very nice. I think it's the first design I've seen with a non-traditional secondary hull.
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CarlMotleyHobbyist Filmographer
Love it. 
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I love this design!  Is she yours?
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A very interesting ship........and with a design like this...in the hand of a veteran tactical officer.....i see some epic maneuvers in its future
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