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A sign of goodwill

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The Enterprise escorts the Klingons after the Khitomer Accords were signed...

I made the "A" lighting rig as accurate as I could...

Enterprise by Dennis Bailey
K'Tinga by Prologic9
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KEY1701Hobbyist Filmographer


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:iconchekovplz::iconsaysplz:Guess who's coming to dinner.
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LuispicardLSHobbyist Filmographer
Klingon Rage 
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Nothing less than wonderful!
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genchang2112Hobbyist General Artist
This is a beautiful shot!  Well done! :)
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The lighting and viewing angle are superb. Great Work.
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Heh, very nice although I must confess to being reminded of:

"Mr Chekhov, do you know anything about radiation surge?"
"Only the size of my head."
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SlingBlade87Professional Writer
Da~amn, now that is a thing of beauty.
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:D Thank you very much :D

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Patriot1776Hobbyist Writer
I guess Scotty and his staff got the cosmetic damage repaired pronto because of this:

Kirk: I don't want us looking like a trap Mr. Scott when we escort the new Chancellor back to Qo'noS. With what we've just accomplished, the occasion demands it!

I would think the reason why the Enterprise-A is getting the honors as you depict here is because Gorkon's daughter (can't remember her name) may have decided 'First ship here to fight the traitor Chang, and ultimately deliver the killing blow to him gets the honor of escorting me and my ship back home. You've proven to me Kirk that despite your feelings, you're not afraid of change, as was my father.'
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I can see that being possible. Her name was Azetbur.
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Patriot1776Hobbyist Writer
Enterprise-A getting the escort honors over Excelsior being what I'm talking about.
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great pic.
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Thank you very much!
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Sweet :) are all the torpedoes accounted for?
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I stole one of them :D
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AzgardiaHobbyist General Artist
Nagyon jók a fények meg az árnyékok. Ezt muszáj volt a tv-n is megnéznem, a monitor kicsi hozzá :D
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StitchfanStudent Filmographer
Is it just me, or are the ships... um... " :jackdirt: ".
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StitchfanStudent Filmographer
LOL... must be the Romulan Ale. *hiccup* :giggle:
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Hummakavuula Digital Artist
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Thank you very much!
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It's fricken gorgeous! I personally could only like it more if it were less grainy.
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