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OpenVMS Logo, High-Resolution.

By DaveLuck
Bear in mind it is six thousand pixels tall and six thousand pixels wide if you want to click it.

Shirt version is here: [link]

Special thanks to:

VAXination [link] for the high-resolution image of Vernon, the OpenVMS Shark,

and Mr. Mark Wickens [link] for the DIGITAL logo.

I pieced the rest together using the official OpenVMS logos as a guide, using a font I found in a fonts collection on the internet.

Updated with a shadow for the fonts.
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6000x6000px 1.57 MB
© 2009 - 2021 DaveLuck
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Nice work! I used to have an AlphaServer 1000 4/266 here, but I sold it recently. It was slowly degrading and since the last weeks it was getting pretty unusable (system wouldn't listen anymore to the SRM variables). I presume the EEPROM chip was going bad.

Nowadays I just run OpenVMS via AXP emulation, or SSH or Telnet onto a nice public cluster (like the earlier mentioned “Deathrow”; I'm “eMGee” there by the way).

I also am trying to get ahold of a nice ‘entry-level’ (preferably) IA64 Integrity system. Something like a rx26*0 would be nice!
DaveLuck's avatar
Thanks! I've been saving up for an Itanium box myself, to use as a server for my home network. Now that it's here I'm really looking forward to seeing what the quad-core Itanium processor is really capable of. I figure we'd probably be fine with just a plain old x86 Windows, BSD or Solaris box, but I figured hey, if you're going to build a home network, you might as well build it with a bit of style, right? Every guy, his little brother, his cat and his dog are getting those 'black box' home media servers you pick up at WorstBuy for $799, and while I figure one of those could probably do what we needed to do, I'd like to build something different, a bit more esoteric, and probably something better!

For some reason my application for a hobbyist license seems to have fallen through the grid back in January, but I'll get it yet. Maybe I'll try to run a virtual cluster, or see if I can get a dusty old MicroVAX II that's been sitting in my teacher's office to run as a satellite node, just like Mr. Hoffman recommended.
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OH! And I didn't know that Vernon was the name of the OpenVMS shark. Thanks for that little tidbit. :D
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Thank VAXination! I don't know when they did away with the shark logo and replaced it with the VAX-Alpha-Integrity-> one (or more importantly, why they even would have wanted to), but the Bull Shark will always embody OpenVMS in my mind.
BellaCielo's avatar
Totally agreed. :B
BellaCielo's avatar
Awesome, this would make a good BG. (I don't own a VMS machine, but hey, Windows XP is like it's grandchild.) :lol:
DaveLuck's avatar
Thanks - I actually don't have a VAX, Alpha or Integrity of my own yet, but I've been saving for a DS10L or a zx2000, provided I can find a seller that doesn't sound too shady... pretty much whatever I can find. The Quad-Core Itaniums are due to come out next year (although that's what Intel said last year, and the year before that...) but they're probably going to be pricey.

Yup, I don't think it's a coincidence that "WNT" is a one letter shift of "VMS." (Come to think of it, I don't think it's a coincidence that prompt for the OpenVMS DCL console is a $ either...)
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Good luck with your computer hunt! I imagine it would be rather difficult to find and finance such a high-end machine.

All my work with VMS has been via telnet, on public machines like Deathrow Cluster. Tried it out after doing research on historic and alternative OSes (and just to see the differences between VMS and Unix), and grew to like it quite a bit... though I haven't worked with it much lately.

And yeah, there's definitely something fishy behind the VMS/WNT naming parallel...
DaveLuck's avatar

Well, I might be able to stumble across an refurbished DS10L for about as much as a mid-range PC, but these are going to be pretty old. Should be adequate for a very small home network though.
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