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Hayden Panettiere

hayden panettiere... !!!!
this girl is beautiful ,,, she is claire on my favourite Tv serie HEROES... =D=D=D=D=D=D

keep looking,

This is my entry for actress contest by :iconameryn:
P.S. check out my gallerie for more of my works =D
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oowww yeees!! I like Heroes too!! xD! Great serie... and Claire is soo beautiful (and you drew her perfect, of course jajajaj!)

I drew characters from heroes too, but... not at all good :laughing:
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claire is just beautiful, maybe someday I'll draw her again! :)

thanks!? ^^) u do!? O.O show me!
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yes, but it was so ugly!!! no, no, I have that old draw forgotten!! jaajajjaja!
One day perhaps I'll draw her seriously :D
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she was ugly before!? O.O

I would lovely draw her!
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jajajaja! (the problem to be spanish, I can't explain myself :stupidme: )
I said that she was ugly in my draw :D But because I drew her bad... so bad... so bad!! xDxD!
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OHH I'm portuguese! xDD
it's pretty similar!

let's try maybe u understand me!

aww lol! agora percebi o que querias dizer! ^^ tens esse desenho postado aqui no deviantart!? O.o manda um link! ^^ adoraria ver! ;)
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Yes, I think that I understand better the portuguese, it's incredible! jajajajaja! Yes, it is quite similar xD
I will try to talk in spanish, I think that u would understand me too! xD

Mmm... si, si lo tengo subido en otro sitio, pero decia que era muuuy feo!! xDxD!
buah, es horrible, ahora que lo veo otra vez, lo confirmo jajaja
aqui tienes el link: [link] te dejo que lo critiques, te vas a llevar una desilusión jajajaja!

You understand me? jajaja (I fell a bit stupid talking in... in English and Spanish jajaja)
But you talk great in English! xD! Sure! jeje
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I did understand u! xDDD funny this!

I saw it! well it's well coloured I think if u work on the face and the proporcions u would rather a awesome work :dance:! keep drawing! ^^
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Wow! :omg: I love the hair!
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thanks :) the hair is the only good thing xDD
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You're Welcome! No it's not, the entire piece is amazing.
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Everything is magnificent...especially the hair.
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thanks :)
but this draws xP dont really make proud of xP

:) :hug:
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Eh well, at least you didn't take it off dA.
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yeah, but it's a big difference

now, I dont draw like that anymore, and I feel patetic, that once I was proud of this and now I think it's just ridiculis.. xDDD

thanks for all this support man :)
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I love the hair 83
the lights and the shadows are so good O.O

keep going with that beautiful work *-*
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thankies Isa =D
omg thank u so much for all of your support... really... thanks .. I think u already coment all of my deviants ... thanks so much =D=D=D

I'm watching u as well.... wait for my support in your next deviants... I'll be here of that =D
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She looks a little like a girl who goes to my schoool... or does the girl who goes to my school look like her?
I'm confused.
Anyways, gorgeous portrait, love the dark background for some reason - it brings more attention to the face than it would if it were white. <3
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thank u so much for that coment =D
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Hiya! You have been featured in my journal and a news article "Winners of Actresses Contest" :D Check it out: journal: [link]
news: [link] (you can add this news to your fav if you want, so more people see your entry :))

Thank you!
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