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Ocean Girl - Neri

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Oh my goodness! Does anybody else here remember the wonderful television program that was Ocean Girl? It was that brilliant Australian show that aired in the States on the Disney Channel (when it was good) around 1995? Seriously, this show was my life back then! I loved Neri and Jason and Bret and Charlie (Jali?)!!
I remember that I was sooooo obsessed with the show, I ran around everywhere with an Australian accent. I even made a little doll of Neri out of some modeling clay and brown paper for her outfit and I would play with it in the bushes and flowers in my front yard!

Any way, I started watching the episodes again on Youtube and I cry a little bit on the inside from nostalgia! Ahh

So, this picture is of Marzena Godecki, the girl who played Neri.

Overall I am satisfied with the way it came out. Some parts could be better... But I like it!

Artwork (C) David Flanagan
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WOW, this is awesome, love Neri :)

use to watch this show back in the day miss the good old shows!!

The pic looks great :)
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Omg! I found this of Netflix and I am loving it!! It might be way older than me but I'm in lover,,,
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PapillonClairStudent General Artist
Ohh I love this serie!I just remember that I fuond it per chance by watchig an oher serie. Neri is lookin beaufiful and you mark her perfect <3
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OH MY GOD!!!! I LOVED OCEAN GIRL!!! Just recently I bought the dvd boxset and too shed nostalgic tears...and i just love little Brett hehehe soooo cute!!

I love this artwork, its really gorgeous and I can really see Marzena/Neri in there. Great Job!!!

Manda (from down under)
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My childhood belonged to this show :love:
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i read 'I was running around with an australian accent' it's weird when you think about it like that... someone having to 'put on' the way you normally speak :P haha
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Hana-me-no-tenshiStudent General Artist
i loved it too! i came home running everyday from school to watch this!
and when the airing time changed, i'd watch it before bed!!!
i soooo loved this!
nice drawing!
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hiccupxmailanHobbyist General Artist
Love it ;)
AWESOME :shocked:
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I remember this show very fondly. I own most of it on DVD and aside from the special affects used for ORCA's external shots, the show has aged reasonably well.

Marzena did an intro and audio commentary for the first season, and let me tell you, she's a funny gal.
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daveizoid Traditional Artist
I am so jealous that you have it on DVD! I wish it could be released here in the States.
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Amazon is your friend :)

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Excellent work.
And yes, a great show, I just watched though them all recently.

Seems to have been a lot of good Australian kids sci-fis.(This, spellbinder, The girl from tommorow, escape from jupiter, Round the Twist and I think there was one called "Mission Top Secret" but I'm not completely sure)
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OMG, I just found this picture and you've done such a great job of depicting Neri! :D

I loved the show (bizarrely renamed for the UK market to "Ocean Odyssey"), although I only ever saw the first couple of seasons as they aired on (I think) ITV, before the show was bought up and aired on Sky (which I still don't get even now). I had such a crush on Neri back then, and Mera too, to an extent (I was about...1995? I was about 13 then, hormones kicking in 'n all... :p). Sadly, I cannot swim at all, but I did know that they gave Marzena a lot of swimming training prior to filming starting and she did it all herself (commentary on the Season 1 R2 DVD).

Ooo, I'm commissioning a dual portrait of Neri and Mera at the moment under my other DA-name, :iconpower-and-chaos:, look out for it! I'd love to know what you think of it. :)
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"Ocean Girl" i was obsessed with it and i still love it! I'm watching the 4season right now :D The drawing is great!^^ It's really neri...it's that expression of her..
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haha good old ocean girl...yes i new some of the actors in that show...im aussie
Your picture has captured not only the neri..but the essence of nerri.its great
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FebrideProfessional Artist
I loved this show like crazy!! (I still love it, I just watched all the episodes on youtube <3 <3)

amazing drawing!She is so beautiful! :D :D
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daveizoid Traditional Artist
I gotta watch them all again. I'm hoping for a region 1 NTSC DVD!
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I remember that show, with all the futuristic stuff, living at the water base for research, Ocean Girl running, I loved that part. I remember on long cars trips I'd imagine her running beside the car.
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FeetzieHobbyist Digital Artist
I'll kill for drawing like that xD
Asombroso, lo amo, fave.
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nicely done. instant :+fav:!
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daveizoid Traditional Artist
Thank you very much!
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:sing: anytime at all, anytime at all, anytime at all...
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Ok, so, I remember that show, but I want to know if you can help me remember another show on at the time.
It had to do with time travel, I think. Um, portals were involved, that led to another world?!

Ring any bells????

It's been bugging me for YEARS.
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daveizoid Traditional Artist
Hmm... No I'm sorry. T_T
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