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December 5, 2013
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Banner-WEbsite v03

By DaveDonut
Third banner's version of my Website :
Others donuts with the blue Button, a memory game with colors and sounds on the cut in half orange ( just repeat the first sound..and the second one, and third to infinite and beyond ! )
 ♫ click on them ! ( and the Miyazaki orange in the back, plums, the honey jar ( with a bee who doesn't to be Caught ) , kiwi, cofee beans.. )

Many references in movies : we have " back to the future " "breaking bad", "Snatch", "my neigbourg Totoro", die hard and Lost in translation
Games sound : Mario and Earthworm jim 
and for music : Andrews sister, Queen, Flight of the conchords , alborosie , Manon Bédart ( yoddle ) and Pierre perret :-D
good luck to find them all :-)

Loose. your. time :-) )

And Join my Facebook page, we have cookies !  :

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yamadahitomy's avatar

Oh man this is such a loss we can't play it anymore ='(

This is one of my favorite things. I have it bookmarked and I bring it up whenever I need a giggle. Now, my 9 year old asks to see it.

SunnyShoresStation's avatar

Is there anyone here who can tell me what the egg and spoon are saying?

Estellanara's avatar

Les personnages sont tout mignons et les dialogues hilarant ! J'ai rigolé tout du long ! Mon préféré, c'est le kiwi !! Trop trop bien !

DaphneDaydreamer's avatar

This is brilliant!

davidstrife1's avatar
Why is this the only gif that works in mobile? (now I want a doughnut. Dammit)
ton travail est juste EXCELLENT et a mourir de rire ! 2 ans après l'avori découvert, j'en rigole encore ! ^^
Pandora-box55's avatar
i'm still visiting this love bit of animation
it very gets old
TFSyndicate's avatar
You had me at Conchords!
Kiki-Corstessia's avatar
C´est très génial! xD 
HiSS-Graphics's avatar
The fruit next to the red onion, I think it's a grape..., What's that song? :)
Estellanara's avatar
HiSS-Graphics's avatar

Awesome! Thank you <3

Tattletail25's avatar
Woah I really love the animation. And congratulations on a lot of favorites.
Seleyana's avatar
Juste un méga BRAVO pour ce travail ! Coder le tout n'a pas du être simple, mais tout est très réussi ^^
Je suis ravie de retrouver cette bannière (croisée par hasard y'a un bail sur un site) qui est juste génialissime ! xD
MikeOrion's avatar
I came across this a few years ago and I absolutely love the Breaking Bad reference. :D
Samson-and-Heather's avatar
Is there anyone who can tell me what the egg and spoon are saying?
Might not have noticed, but the Totoro link doesn't work anymore?
DaveDonut's avatar
yes, i'm sorry, the software i used to work with is sort of..gone, it was older versions of flash and i can't change it :-/ so all the videos on link may dispear and i cant' change the code 
*Shrug*  C'est la vie!  What was the video of, do you remember?
So... what was the "Coming Soon" thingy going to be?
DaveDonut's avatar
something WONDERFUL ( but i got no time )
Zut!  Do you think you'll ever be able to finish it?
DaveDonut's avatar
haha^^ never O__O seriously, i don't really know, i'm stucked with several ( paid ) projects so....... one day. i say this for several years now :-/
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