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By DaveDonut
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New banner of my Website :
MUFFIN RULES ♫ click on them ! ( and the croissant. and the donuts. Loose your time :-) )
Join my Facebook page :

sound : " Crazy Little thing called love " from queen
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Moe-Mux-Hagi's avatar
Pourquoi n'as tu pas gardé le carré de chocolat pour la v03 ?
dixychickx's avatar
I come back to this every time I am sad and it instantly makes me happy again
seanwthornton's avatar
God, I love this thing.
DaveDonut's avatar
Thank you sir !
Will someone please tell me the song the reggae muffin is singing I haven't heard it in years !!! please it won't let me click on it for a YouTube video will someone please tell me the name of the song!!
Thank u so much 😭😭
AberrantWendigo's avatar
Hey man! I really appreciate your work! And I want those audio files! Please! send me! Phone ringtones hahahahah! Thanks!
BlueSorceress's avatar
Ohhh! I remember seeing this long ago and now I found it again by accident. I knew it was you! XD Ok, I didn't know it was YOU, because I don't know you, but I saw one of your other works and I knew I've seen this "style" (of yours before), and now that I see this (again), I'm super happy I actually found you (as an artist)... again. XD
If this made any sense whatsoever. :-D
did that one in the right corner said 'doei' as in dutch for bye? :iconohjoyplz:
DaveDonut's avatar
nope ! he just say " toui " wich means....nothing special in french ^^ just a sound..
Oh, scuse me. Really thought I heard 'doei'. xD

I love your animations, keep it up.
Free Donut icon 
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no problem duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddy dude dude dde
may i ask you how you learned animating?
my first real college starts in 2 weeks and I loooove animating. But can't seem to find a good lookin program and such to start with. D:

hints, tips, :>?
J4N3-L0V3S-C00K13S's avatar
I pretty much love everything, especially the guy who goes like "Chocolate Raaaaain..."
ArraTheSheerio's avatar
Luv that glass of a juice, +sugar cube (I think ><) and all of the muffins too ♥ Love it all Pewdiepie Fabulous Gay Rights Icon - F2U Rarity: Fabulous Glitter Celebration PEARL FANGIRLS OVER SOMETHING (Now animated) 
Onyrox's avatar
I love the glass of juice ahah
You are a Genius!
MysteryBread's avatar
And that Raggamuffin tho. That's my favorite kind of muffin. :D
MysteryBread's avatar
There's an earthworm inside of a muffin.
AngelKite's avatar
I reallyyy reallyyy love this!! made my day brighter kaomoji set 1 9/19 
Djfireeagle's avatar
Amazing work, this is just beautiful if you know french, pure humor. 
Anjavis's avatar
The jar is smiling in a psychopathic way as the strawberry inside it begs for help as it's about to die while being surrounded by its friends' remains
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