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Years ago I created the first rendition of this fractal. It's name was creation. (www.deviantart.com/davebold370…) The two planets represented me and my wife going through life with the fog of the unknown around us and a dark force larking in my life. At the time I didn't know what that darkness was. At that time I didn't see many possibilities in my life as the depression was slowly killing me. This is represented by the overall darkness in the image. Plus the small number of stars in the background. 

A few years later my daughter was born and I created Going home (www.deviantart.com/davebold370…). I added my daughter. This time the darkness was strong and stood out in my mind like a sore thumb. It hung over my soul each day. It was a sexual addiction that I had no power over and I didn't know why. However, I did start seeing possibilities in my life. Thus the stars increased. A strange ting was added to represent a struggle along with outlining details. 

A few years passed again. I lost my father, and I moved into the house to take care of my mother. I was updating it again during this time. I added my mother in law, mom, and brother to Heading home (www.deviantart.com/davebold370…) However before I could render this one, my mom passed away as well. Then I started feeling something crazy inside of me. It was like another demon was present. This was also the time I did evil things to myself and my wife. After I posted this piece, I started having PTSD flashes and discovered multiple rapes as a child that was covered up. I became aware of my sexual issues and started working on it. 

Now it has almost been 4 years since my last update to this image. Through the help of Celebrate recovery, I am now on the other side of PTSD and my sexual addition has weakened because of it. I am trusting in God each day, and I am leading my family. I take care of both of my brothers and mother in law. I also have James. The darkness has been disrupted represented by the strength it has lost and I am growing, represented by the changes in the globes. I am beginning to see that the possibilities are not just mine, but also everyone that is in my family. 
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Lush work dude

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It looks like a set of planets among galactic smoke
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Yep, it was what I was going for. 
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It looks like you opened a cage inside your soul to share this with everyone, it has as much detail as it has meaning. It's good to know that you could find clearness in your heart after all that suffering.
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I only touched the tip of the iceberg of the stuff I have been through the past 4 years. If you would like to know more of my story you can feel free to message me. 
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