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Hutopo's entry from the fanart contest at the Spanish language version of Grrl Power, which can be found at [link]

Text translates as:
Maxima: If this is a joke, I don't think it's f***ing funny.

Sydney: I bought these from a publisher in a garage sale... The poor guys were desperate to sell something.

And be thankful that a martian bought the Power Girl costume... He was mumbling something about 'World Domination Plans' (tm)

WHEEE!!! I'm SuperGirl! WHEEE!!!
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Also the globes seem to be working with gloves on....
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I guess the palms are cut out.
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Now i'm curious about how one mixes 'World Domination Plans' (tm) and a Power Girl costume, godammit...
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You sure you didn't hear the vendor say "mouse" instead of "martian"?  Narf!
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Maybe it was mice from mars? XD
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Is that a magic JUMPROPE? lol
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With rather questionably shaped handles too....:woohoo:
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Hmmm...With those tassles on the ends, I suppose that would make a gal jump...
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I think there's no question about it...

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What I particularly like about this fanart is that Maxima's Wonder Woman costume has a skipping rope instead of a lasso XD XD XD
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My question here is how did Sydney even get Maxima to put her costume on in the first place? Though with Sydney, I suppose some things are better left unanswered.
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Sidney seems a trifle over-endowed in this one...
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I think that is the effect of her being upside down, sort of an instant "push up bra" courtesy of gravity. Or maybe the Supergirl costume is enhanced, since nobody wants Supergirl to be an A cup.
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Fantastic! Love this! +Fave! XD
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