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Sydney and Vehemence, learning to control their rage spasms.
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Anyone that utilizes an inherent energy of the universe can benefit from meditation.
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No, no, that was Zen, this is Dao....
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Do I spy a Dr. Fate shirt?
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... if this works the World will be a much quiter place! :o
This seems like something these two would totally up for...
...for about 3 seconds
merle's avatar
I do so hope he shows up again.
uhlrik's avatar
Now that made me laugh. 
hellobobo's avatar
You know those memes where you can put the voice actor for your oc, can you do that for your characters?
Big-Wired's avatar
A very nice picture! I especially like the idea of these two working together, as I really enjoyed their interaction in the comic.
MetalicSoul's avatar
Well Vehemence I can see doing that, but only because he strikes me as the intellectual type despite his burly physical condition.
SgtSareth's avatar
Love the barely open eye. Sydney is such a riot.
SammyScuffles's avatar
I never really want to see Vehemence again, but this is still an awesome picture!
Vehrmence is an awesome character! I'm looking forward to whatever diabolical scheme he has planned next. Oh, and more Sydney I guess. XD
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No peeking, Sydney!
Preatori0us's avatar
Vehemence seemed like an interesting character. I hope we get to see more of him.
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I think vehemence is likely taking to it better than our central spaz, Sydney...  ;)

- Polecat
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shoudnt his left arm be metal? like how it was upon his defeat and capure
LordCastigator's avatar
Naaa, it wasn't added to the actual comic, but if you read the blog thing under 286 (… ) he shrunk down a bit & the armour fell off his arm showing a normal 1 underneath before he got mummified in bindings. Besides, it'd probably be harder to go zen with an awesome arm like that hanging off your shoulder...
Thudd224's avatar
that kinda sad, that arm was pretty cool
it would be amusing if he came baack mor controllled
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X-Men, really Sydney? I think that's counterintuitive.
Sydney-fan's avatar
Her fantasy husband is Wolverine.  If she is seeking her place of inner-peace, he may well feature in it.
You are the first person on this comment thread to comment of that, good sir.
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Well, he doesn't seem to be powering up, so maybe its working for Sydney.
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