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Zayra and Peggy

It has been commented that Zarya shares some visual similarities with Peggy, so I thought it would be interesting to draw them side by side. 
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Zarya and Peggy are cousins. This is now my headcanon and you cannot change it.

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Aahhaaha, I ship it now.
I thought that was Peggy and the super hero she dreams of being
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You can see how it would go. It would be a total Bromance from the start. Mostly in the gym and the range but the two would be inseperable in their off-hours. Maxima woudn't be happy about it, because Overwatch is still illegal and, if anyone's going to get tasked to take them down then it's ARCHON. But she knows better than to order Peggy to stop hanging out with Zarya because she knows better than to give an order that won't be obeyed. It hurts her inside though, because she's lost that closeness with another member of the team that she just didn't have with anyone else.

Z and Peg are just having the time of their lives. Great friends who totally get the other and, despite the media speculation and all the winking in public, there's nothing romantic in there. 

Well, there isn't to begin with. But then someone gets hurt. Maybe one of Overwatch or ARCHON. They feel responsible. That leads to a dark night with several bottles of vodka and one thing leads to another... 

Neither really remembers where it came from but the next morning the relationship's changed forever and neither of them knows what to do... Do they stop seeing each other or do they just see where this rabbit hole takes them? There's a lot of dark silences at work until Mercy sits Zarya down or Dabbler drags Peggy into a corner and tells them to spill.
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I can see Zarya referring to Peggy as her little American sister. :lol: 
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Blizzard straight up stole Peggy and gave her steroids, I swear!
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I STILL don't think Peggy is really a member of the A-team...
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I'll be damned! They're like sisters. Sorta XD
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Those muscles on Zarya :D. Her other gun looks great too! Awesome work! ^^
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Haha, really nice! I enjoy seeing you upload extra artwork up here.
Just letting you know, I kinda want to see Peggy's level of marksmanship demonstrated properly at some point. Maybe a trainee trip to a larger shooting range?
Anyway, keep up with the good work!
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I imagine Peggy will get to shoot something eventually.
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But what about Harem???
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Why do I get the feeling that Zarya's from Austin?
Something tells me this team-up would be near unstoppable.
Peggy would do a better sniper than Widowmaker.  Am sure at least she would not be afraid to be on the payload
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Do you think Peggy is the young cousin that grew up admiring Zarya ?
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That's a badass duo.
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"You go out there and have fun, Zar.  I've got your back."
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I don't know who Zarya is. Is she from a video game or something?
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Zarya's from the video game "Overwatch"
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I had a feeling, but I wasn't sure.
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