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VDSD 2016 - Heatwave at the steel mill

Splish splash Heatwave's taking a bath in 3000 degree high carbon steel down at the mill. This is her idea of a spa day. Since she can generate her own heat, she doesn't have to worry about getting stuck.
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I would say that this pic is really hot, but that would be too redundant.
Drakkenmensch's avatar
I don't even want to imagine what happens when she leaves the molten steel and the molten bits left on her harden back into solid steel.
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I like this... Heatwave ties with Harem and Peggy on my second favorite character.  I grew up in the Midwest, in Farming territory, and I can easily see most of the women I knew in her, especially her "This is MY man, back the F*** off attitude, and the retaliation before thinking that comes with it.  I also see the oddball questions coming from nowhere (…) not because she is dumb or anything, but just because her priorities are different.
Holy cow! I know it's not polite to ask but how much does Heatwave weight in her alternate form? By my calculations, molten steel is about 7.8 xs denser than the normal human body. Assuming that Heatwave is a very muscle-dense 5' 9" that would normally be 175 lbs, that comes out to significantly more than 1400 lbs since she's sinking into the molten metal and not simply floating on it!

Oh well! She ain't heavy! She's my savior!
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Truly lovely work... far better than mere science would indicate. That 'hair lifted by convection currents' is the wasp's nipples.
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Oh my cogs! We need more Grrl Power pinups and nudes like this, even of the guys, fair's fair, right?! :XD:
illiad-not's avatar
dear me, guys.. you are basing her biology on 'mere mortals'...  I would guess she is a bit like superman... when the grime is too much for *simple cleaners*, and other liquids are just NOT hot enough to clear it....

AND heatwave does not want to slog all the way out to the sun...  :) :D :P
MetalicSoul's avatar
Well I'd say that is hot but then I'm wondering if I'm referring to her or the molten metal she is taking a bath in. Question, WHY is she taking a bath in that stuff?
You probably have a thing against elementals like Iceman being able to regenerate, but it might be neat for Heatwave to be able to do something similar by soaking in molten steel or lava. She steps in, and when she steps out, she notices that she's not missing any toes?
thomasng's avatar
Hmmm. Heat isn't an element though. I can see a metal or rock elemental regenerating by stepping into molten steel or lava, but that wouldn't sit right with someone who just manipulates heat. 
SAHDHawk's avatar
What about using the plasma aspect for her element? 
silasidi's avatar
So.. question. If Heatwave can bathe in molten steel, and apparently melt herself free of it, then why didn't she just melt the knife out of her foot and then sear it closed?
johnshepard3's avatar
If she's immune to heat how would she sear it closed?
JasontheFuzz's avatar
It would still hurt the whole time.
pendraco's avatar
you also assume Heatwave is that smart.
Is the Safer For Work(because its not exactly safe) can be found in the same size, and if so where?
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It's currently the vote incentive on the comic. I'll post in on DA when I switch it out for a new one.
There's a new incentive, can you post the other version please?
IIRC, the least dense metal would be lithium. Less so than water actually. Admittedly, bathing in liquid lithium would pose other problems, notably the fact that she'd actually sink in it even if trying to swim. Also it melts at only 180C, not ~1000 like what the Steel is near. But hey, it wouldn't crush her lungs! Definitely explode on contact with any mucuous membranes though, since they produce mucuous that contains water. Like her naked vagina, or any that got into her eyes and touched her tears. Or mouth. But hey, she just has to avoid all arousal and not accidentally splash her face, or sweat. Right?
Aaagh... I can't help it... Pedantry Mode Engaged...

Hmm... Density of Molten Steel: About 7000 KG per cubic meter. Density of Human Flesh: Very close to that of water - about 1000 KG per cubic meter. Figure her for an (arbitrary) 60 KG, that gives her a displacement of 8.6 liters - enough to make a shallow dent on the surface.

And now that that's out of my system, I can say that it's a very nice picture.
DaveBarrack's avatar
Hah hah, actually it sounds like if she was able to get sunk in as deep as she is, she wouldn't be able to breathe or she'd even get crushed by the weight of the molten steel. (Which I have also recently learned is the wrong color to be molten and steel. If this picture was totally accurate she'd be floating on top of it and the steel would be glowing white.)
I made a comment on the original post to this effect, and even if you did not read my comment, I am very happy someone has shaken free of ignorance of molten metal!
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